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Dragon Lessons of Love Chapter 2 :iconrollzero:RollZero 2 0
Love and War in the Dragon Family Prologue
“From the day I was born my life was forfeit…. That’s what my father always told me. Valerie, your life is for me to decide and decide alone he would say…”
The crimson haired woman with blue eyes smirked as she watched the guards from the crow’s nest of the ship she was on. She clung a blonde haired woman next to her as she did. “… But I always was the type to rebel, which is why I’m here now. Cia, was it?”
The scared blonde timidly nodded. “Yes… But how are we going to get out of here? There are men all over and…”
Valerie chuckled and placed a finger over her mouth. “The gods are on our side my dear… And they have chosen for you to be saved this night.” She drew her blade and smirked. “Time for some fun, hold on tight.”
Cia nodded, wrapping her arms around the redhead from behind as Valerie cut a rope and used it to glide down. “Looking for me, boys?”
:iconrollzero:RollZero 1 0
Dragon Lessons of Love Chapter 1
Princess Yona sighed as she lay awake in her tent with Yoon for the night. It had been nearly a month since she got the boy genius and her dragons back from the country of Xing, it was a long and tiring journey and her fear of losing her dragons and her friend nearly killed her, but she was able to pull it off… But something was still on her mind.
During the travel to make her negotiations with Soo-won, she and Hak had to part ways briefly and she had kissed him… and he pulled back. Neither of them had spoken of the kiss since then, and she felt… weird after it. Something wasn’t right. She used to dream of kissing Soo-won back in her carefree days in the palace, wasn’t it supposed to be fireworks when you kiss the one you love?
This weighed on her mind a long time until she just huffed and sat up, Yoon was fast asleep so she didn’t want to disturb the boy genius. So she stepped out of the tent to get some fresh air. It was then she noticed the campfi
:iconrollzero:RollZero 2 2
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Mature content
Sleeping Beauty :iconrollzero:RollZero 4 5
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Slayers Keeping the Balance Chapter 4
The next day the ship arrived at Seyruun harbor. The passengers had gathered together as they were leaving, Katiana still holding the bunny doll close to herself as her guardian demon stood behind her.
“So where shall we go first in Seyruun?” Xelloss asked.
“We aren’t going anywhere. I want some time to explore Seyruun for myself.” Katiana replied sharply.
“Now, now, Miss Kati, on the ship was one thing you couldn’t go far.” Xelloss wagged his forefinger. “But in this city is a different story. I must remain close to you.”
“It’s a holy city for crying out loud!” Katiana protested. “Shouldn’t that protect me a bit- Oh wait if that barrier was that good you’d be expelled out wouldn’t you?” she twisted her mouth. “Must only work on the really pathetic monsters then.”
Xelloss looked insulted at that. “Being both a priest and general, I do happen to be one of the str
:iconrollzero:RollZero 1 0
Slayers Next Gen Beach Fun 3 by RollZero Slayers Next Gen Beach Fun 3 :iconrollzero:RollZero 2 0

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That kiss was still on her mind all day as Princess Yona sat on a log, waiting for Yoon to finish preparing lunch. ‘He said that’s how Hak should have reacted to me… But when he did it I felt like my heart was going to explode…’ she thought, still blushing at the mere thought. ‘What’s wrong with me…? I thought for sure Hak was the only one that precious to me and yet…’ she shook her head. ‘Come on Yona, it’s Jae-ha. Hitting on women is his professional hobby. He probably was just teasing you, there’s no way that he…’

“Hey Princess, is your head in the clouds or something?” Hak’s voice snapped her out of her trance.

“Huh?” Yona blinked, looking at her bodyguard with a confused face. “N-no it’s nothing…”

“Your face is red, Yona.” Shin-ah was suddenly in front of her, Ao perched on his shoulder and offering her a nut.

‘Oh crap is it that noticeable?’ Yona mentally smacked herself, flushing from the Blue Dragon’s closeness and scooted back a little. “I’m fine Shin-ah really, just can’t wait for Yoon’s cooking!”

“I just need someone to get some water from the nearby pond.” The boy genius spoke up, working on cutting up several plants and vegetables to mix into the pot.

“I’ll go get it!” Yona suddenly stood up.

“Princess, allow me to do it.” Kija spoke up, bowing to her. “You shouldn’t be bothered with such a task.”

“White Snake stop babying her, it doesn’t hurt for her to get some exercise here and there, after all she’s been gaining weight lately.” Hak teased, smirking at the princess.

“HOW DARE YOU!” the Hakuryuu growled at him. “The princess is a vision of l-loveliness!” he blushed just saying that though.

“Nobody asked you Hak!” Yona growled and tossed a rock at the Lightning Beast’s head, which he expertly dodged. “I’m going!” she hissed and grabbed the bucket by Yoon and stormed off into the forest.

“… That wasn’t nice.” Shin-ah said, not looking at Hak but it was clearly addressed to him.

The Thunder Beast ran his hand through his hair. “… Yeah well she’s been acting strange all morning, I’m just glad Droopy Eyes is off scouting or else he’d just make it worse.”

“The mister hasn’t exactly been acting right either since Xing…” Zeno spoke up, having been quiet until now. “Every time the little miss gets close to him, he seems to turn away.”

That caught Kija’s attention, and he glared at the Lightning Beast right away. “… What did you do to the princess while we were away?! I demand to know you vulgar beast!”

“I didn’t do anything!” Hak growled at him. “If anything she did when she-“ he cut himself off. “Shut up. I’m going to go sharpen my glaive, tell me when lunch is ready.” He grumbled, getting up and walking to the tent.

“… What was that about?” Shin-ah asked after a moment.

“Good question, those two have both been acting weird since Yona went to Soo-won to help save us.” Yoon shook his head. “I just wish they would stop that dumb flirtatious dance and get together already.”

“YOON!” Kija shouted, his face turning red. “The princess deserves better than that brute! I mean I know it’s clear that she…. H-he still needs to treat her better!” he quickly changed what he was going to say originally, his thoughts going back to that time in the market when he saw the princess and Thunder Beast laughing together… And it still felt awkward. Jae-ha’s words still rung in his head though. ‘If it bothers you, why don’t you do something about it? … Is it because you’re one of the Four Dragon Warriors?’ the White Dragon shook his head.

“Well why doesn’t Hakuryuu try courting the little miss then?” Zeno suggested. “He would treat her the correct way, yes?”

W-W-WHAAAATTT?!? I COULD NEVER-!! IT WOULD BE IMPROPER FOR A DRAGON TO DO THAT WITH HIS MASTER!” Kija shouted, blushing even worse if that were possible.

“Sure wouldn’t stop Jae-ha.” Yoon commented. “In fact there are times the way he looks at her I swear…” he rubbed his chin while processing his thoughts. “I think that’s why Hak is always on guard when he’s alone with Yona.”

Shin-ah just looked between the boy genius and the White Dragon who was still shouting how wrong the subject was, then back to Zeno. “…. Would it be wrong for one of us to… Be with Yona?” he asked.

The Yellow Dragon smiled as he pat Seiryuu’s shoulder. “The little miss is the Crimson Dragon, but she is still a lady, just as the Four Dragons are still young men… Zeno thinks it’s up to the dragons and the little miss to decide for themselves if it is right or wrong. Though Zeno thinks Ryokuryuu holds back thinking it is merely dragon blood that draws him to her.” He chuckled.

Shin-ah just shook his head in response. “… It’s not just that, Yona is…” he paused. “… Important.” He finished, as if picking his words carefully. Well, Blue Dragon was never one to speak that much.

“Puuyyykkuu?” Ao purred, nuzzling his cheek.

Ouryuu just smiled at him. “… Yes, yes she is…”


Yona sighed as she filled the bucket with water and just stared at her reflection in the pond. Hak was being distant with her, not recognizing that kiss, still teasing her and treating her like a child! “Maybe he just really doesn’t see me that way after all…” she muttered.

“Yona-chan, whatever are you doing here by yourself?”

Yona leapt to her feet, spinning around when she heard that voice. “Jae-ha! You scared me!” she sighed, placing a hand over her heart. “Did you just get back from scouting?”

The Green Dragon chuckled, placing a hand on his hip. “I was on my way back to camp when I noticed you here. You shouldn’t linger like this for too long, I’m sure wild animals use this as a water source.”

“I have my bow if I get into trouble.” The princess scowled.

“Quite true, which is why Hak and the others allowed you to come here on your own, that and I’m sure they’d hear you if you shouted.” Jae-ha chuckled, patting her shoulder.

“Yeah…” Yona looked away when he mentioned the Thunder Beast. “Though Hak seems to think I’m still unappealing…” she growled.

The Ryokuryuu twisted his mouth at that. ‘Seriously Hak what is with you…? Can’t you see that she’s finally noticing you and could return your feeling you idiot?’ he thought to himself, narrowing his eyes. “He’s just blind to true beauty, or just doesn’t know how to treat a lady… Maybe both.” He tried to joke, leaning in to kiss her briefly.

“J-Jae-ha?!” Yona blushed madly once he pulled back, staring at him wide eyed.

“What’s wrong Yona Dear? You did say you need practice and I warned you that I might kiss you as I please then.” The Green Dragon chuckled to himself. ‘She’s too damn adorable for words. I just need to watch myself or I’ll lose control and scare her…’

“Y-yeah I know just it… Surprised me…” Yona said, her cheeks still flushed as she looked away again. “I mean Hak would tease me kissing my forehead or hair but that’s it…”

“Oh? Maybe you should tease him back the same way.” Jae-ha chuckled, running his fingers on her chin. “Then perhaps you can get him to kiss you properly so it won’t feel like kissing your father this time.”

Yona blushed yet again. “… I wouldn’t know the first thing to do with that. You saw how clumsy I am just trying to kiss in the first place…”

“And I still say with some practice you’ll be an expert in no time, and you really did nothing wrong at all.” Jae-ha smirked at her, his hand moving to caress her cheek. “But if you want, I could give you a few lessons in seduction… And maybe a few other things too.” He gave her a lecherous grin.

“Really?” the princess blushed an even deeper shade of red from that. “Well I… S-sure why not?” she said, looking determined. “I do want to learn more so I’m not so…. Embarrassed all the time… It makes me weak and you know I want to keep getting stronger…”

Jae-ha chuckled at her determination. “It’s not a weakness Yona, you’re just not used to it… Yet. But I can gladly help you with that, I said before watching your progress is very interesting.” He eased her quiver of arrows and bow off her shoulder and placed it next to the bucket of water to take that weight off of her, then took her hand and led her over to a rock that he sat on, to be at level with her. “Pretend I’m Hak for this ok? I just started teasing you about something that made you mad, your choice.”

Yona pursed her lips while trying to choose, she went with the most recent insult. “That I’m getting chubby and not exercising enough.” She said, still looking irritated just thinking about it.

The Ryokuryuu shook his head at that. ‘Seriously Hak? Must you keep saying what has to be the opposite thing in your head?’ he twisted his mouth at her. “Well he must be blind if he said THAT to you, because you’re just as lovely as ever Yona Dear. In fact I’d dare to say you’ve been becoming more womanly every day.”

Yona raised her eyebrow at that. “Jae-ha, you said I’m supposed to pretend you’re Hak so I can learn to flirt, not so that you can tease me.” She pouted slightly.

“Who says I’m teasing?” he smirked at her, winking once which caused her to blush. “But you’re right, it’s just hard for me to be as mean as Hak is to you. Teasing you is fun, but not to the level that it becomes mean. So in the event he does that next time, you want to lean into his ear.”

“His ear?” the princess looked at him confused. “What for?”

“To whisper to him of course.” Jae-ha grinned, pulling her by her hand closer as his free hand brushed her hair back and purred into her right ear. “From there you tell him that maybe he can be your personal trainer then, and help you turn that chubby figure into a sexy, slender vision of beauty.”

Yona blushed bright red at that. “I CAN’T SAY THAT JAE-HA!!!” she shouted.

The Green Dragon chuckled at her reaction. “Ok then let’s try something simpler. Call him out on his bluff by doing this.” He planted a kiss behind her ear. “And say whatever you want to him, ask if he’s sure about that? And when he doesn’t reply just keep on doing this…” he purred as he opened her cloak a bit to expose her neck, kissing down to where he found a spot and started sucking on her flesh.

“Aaaahhhh!” Yona moaned as she closed her eyes, squirming a bit from his actions as she tilted her head a bit, which just gave him better access. “J-Jae-ha….” She stammered, her whole face red by this point.

Smirking at her moans, Jae-ha moved to another spot on her neck, placing kiss after kiss while licking between spots until he moved to her jaw. He then traced her lips with his tongue, hearing her mewl as he claimed her lips deeply. Yona flushed as she kissed him back clumsily, trying to imitate the way he kissed her last night. This made the Green Dragon grin as he moved one hand to rub her back slowly, his other hand moving to caress her cheek. “Yona…” he moaned as he slowly broke the kiss, knowing he had to before his lust took over and he’d pin her down. ‘Damn it’s too easy to lose myself in her…’

Yona slowly opened her eyes, still blushing at him as her heart was hammering. “… I-I’m not sure if I could do that either…” she spoke after a moment.

Jae-ha chuckled at that, patting her shoulder. “Sure you can Yona Dear, try it out on me. I told you before I wouldn’t mind being your kiss tester, that also means I’m fine with you trying other things too.” He purred, moving his hand from her cheek to her chin, brushing his fingers there lightly. “I’ll even show you then how he should react like last time.” He smirked at himself. ‘Might as well throw that in there in case I lose control again… She’s just too beautiful for words.’

“A-alright then.” Yona nodded once, which once he moved his hand she leaned in to his ear and kissed right behind there once, blushing as she did so. “… Do I have to say the words too?” she asked, rather nervous.

“Only if you wish to practice at it, for now focus on the kissing, that’s the most important part that will drive a man crazy and help him melt under your charms.” Jae-ha chuckled at her question. “You can practice saying the words to yourself later, whereas the kissing you need a person to practice on.”

“O-ok.” The princess nodded, planting another kiss on his neck this time. “… I feel weird doing this.” She admitted.

“Mmm you’re doing fine, Yona Dear.” The Ryokuryuu smirked, enjoying feeling her lips at his throat. He arched his neck a bit to give her another angle which she planted a few butterfly kisses. “Try kissing one spot and sucking it a bit like I did to you before.” He instructed.

Yona nodded once more, placing her lips at the base of his throat and sucking very softly. She didn’t stay there as long as he had on her though, pulling back. “L-Like that?”

“Mmm yes but you could do it a bit longer. Next let’s try biting.” Jae-ha grinned. “Take my ear between your teeth but don’t try to eat it, just nibble a little and lick with your tongue. But I won’t complain if you do bite too hard, it would be rather kinky.” He teased.

“Biting?” Yona blushed, but did as she was told. She moved her head up a bit and took his earlobe into her mouth, her teeth just barely brushing against the flesh. She heard him groan happily in response so she kept going. She then licked a bit behind his ear as she pulled back again to check if she did it right. “W-well?”

“Good, good, Yona-chan but keep going.” Jae-ha purred, his voice getting heavier with desire for her, but he was trying his damnedest to behave as he closed his eyes. His hand was still caressing her back as encouragement, while his free hand was resting in his lap, trying to keep his arousal down that woke up from those kisses. ‘Damn it’s taking every ounce of self-control not to pounce her right now… Jae-ha, what the hell have you gotten yourself into? If she were any other girl, you’d have them on their back by now, screaming your name in pleasure…’ he then chuckled at his train of thought. ‘… Yeah but Yona isn’t like any other girl you met, is she? That’s why she’s captivated you so much…’

Yona took a moment to continue, obviously building up her nerves as she brushed her tongue slightly against his neck, then switching back to kissing. She moved to his cheek and placed another kiss there, and eventually worked her way to his lips. Once she heard another one of his moans of approval, she took his bottom lip between her teeth, doing the same that she did for his ear before. She merely tugged a bit which he rubbed her back some more to encourage that. But then she tried to step a bit closer when she tripped and stumbled into his lap, and she accidentally bit down on his lip.

“Yona are you ok?” Jae-ha asked, opening his eyes. Her hands had grabbed his shoulders to steady herself, he had moved his hand from between his legs to help catch her as he felt her fall into him. The Green Dragon was hoping he wouldn’t scare her though with that tent in his pants slightly poking at her thigh.

“Ah! I’m so sorry Jae-ha!” Yona gasped as she looked at him, seeing the few droplets of blood on his lip. She didn’t even seem to notice the poking as she was too worried about hurting him. “I tripped and…”

Jae-ha merely smiled at her, moving one of his hands to rub over the lip that she had bitten. “It’s alright, I told you that I wouldn’t mind if you did bite me, it’s actually quite the turn on.” He grinned, kissing her lips briefly again as his hand moved to brush her hair.

The princess sweatdropped at that. “… You really are a masochist aren’t you? That’s why you enjoy when Hak punches you…”

“Guilty as charged, Yona Dear.” the Ryokuryuu grinned at her. “I must say you surprised me trying that on your own…”

“Well I thought that would be similar to your ear and I…” Yona tried to explain herself, but she was still blushing and looking at him worried. “… You’re sure I didn’t hurt you? I’m still sorry that I-“

He kissed her again to shut her up, his hand running up and down her spine. “If anything you’re making it harder for me to hold back, Yona-chan.” He purred. “Just don’t try that with Hak, he probably wouldn’t respond the same way I would.”

“I’ll keep that in mind... And it must be annoying to hold back with someone as naïve and innocent as me, with the girls you usually hang around…” Yona said with a bright blush on her face. “Not to mention I’m not as attractive as they are…”

“Awww is that jealously I detect, Yona Dear?” Jae-ha teased her, grinning wide. “You know your Green Dragon enjoys a good time, and I don’t find you annoying at all, really. Also, don’t listen to Hak, because you are very attractive, I should know as I value beauty as much as I do freedom…” He looked at her seductively. “I’m actually enjoying having you as my personal student, and interested in seeing how you progress.” He smiled at her. ‘The only annoying thing is my own desire for you that I can’t seem to hold back… But maybe… Letting it surface here and there might not be a bad thing after all, especially if she keeps reacting like this. After all it’s not like Hak is reacting to her properly…’

Yona blushed as she shook her head. “N-no why would I be jealous?” she quickly got defensive. “I-I mean it’s not like you and I are… Err… Ummm….” She was stumbling on her words, quickly looking away.

“Hmmmm? Now whatever might be on your pretty little mind?” Jae-ha was grinning like a cat, wondering just what she might be so flustered about. “I don’t mind my beautiful master getting possessive of me… as long as she’s willing to slate my hunger…” he purred into her ear, clearly having fun teasing her… Though then he realized his slip of the tongue of what he just said, sure he was going to let a little bit of his feelings surface but that might had been too much...

“HUH?!?” Yona’s eyes widened with a massive blush.

Seeing her reaction was priceless, but Jae-ha knew he had to stop before he blurted out too much and scared her. “Teasing, Yona Dear.” He kissed her cheek to distract her. “After all you’re using these lessons to get Hak’s attention right? Don’t mind me, this dragon blood is messing with my head it seems.”

Yona though didn’t seem to register everything he said, still looking at him with wide eyes and a blush on her face. “… Jae-ha… Do you by chance lik-…?”

“Little miss! Are you ok over there?” Zeno’s voice could be heard out of nowhere, interrupting them.

“Z-Zeno!” Yona gasped, then suddenly realized Jae-ha had lifted her onto her feet, standing right next to her. She looked up to see the Green Dragon place a finger over his mouth to signal her to keep quiet about him suddenly moving her, so that the Ouryuu wouldn’t get suspicious.

Zeno finally came through the trees and smiled at the two. “Ah! Ryokuryuu, seems you found the little miss on your way back huh? Lad and the mister along with Hakuryuu were getting worried because she was taking too long to get the water, even though Seiryuu told them he could see she was fine.”

That made Yona blush again. ‘Wait… just WHAT did Shin-ah see?! He must had told Zeno to go instead of Hak because he knows how Hak would have reacted…’

“Ahh yes I ran into Yona on my way back here and we just got talking for a minute.” Jae-ha chuckled, waving a hand carelessly. “Sorry to worry you. How about we head back to camp then?” he quickly went to grab the bucket of water and Yona’s bow and arrows.

“Y-yeah let’s go back.” The princess said, her heart hammering by this point. She started moving back towards the camp.

“Miss are you ok? You seem to have a bug bite on your neck.” Zeno pointed out once she came near him.

“!!!” Yona’s eyes widened, she quickly adjusted her cloak to hide her neck better. “…. Y-yeah there were a lot of bugs near the pond, guess one bit me…”

Jae-ha just smirked to himself, it was a good thing Zeno brought that up before Hak or Kija saw it… But there was no way the Yellow Dragon was that stupid to not know what it was, he did say he was married once. He also was curious just like Yona as to what all Shin-ah saw and why he kept quiet... ‘I’ll have to thank you for that later Zeno…’
Dragon Lessons of Love Chapter 2
Next Chapter:
Previous Chapter:…

Author’s Notes: I upped the rating on this fanfic since some scenes might get really suggestive, not to mention if I give into my fangirl urges and write a lemon eventually (Which won't be posted here but you can check out the first chapter for alternate links to this story) because trust me this chapter already was testing me XD Glad to see people are enjoying this fanfic already! If you have suggestions for one of Yona’s ‘Lessons’ leave them in the reviews!

Made for :iconbookofprettypictures: his favorite ship <3
  • Listening to: Kamisama Kiss Opening Theme
  • Reading: Slayers Novels
  • Watching: Yona of the Dawn
  • Playing: Zelda Breath of the Wild
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Made for :iconbookofprettypictures: his favorite ship <3
  • Listening to: Kamisama Kiss Opening Theme
  • Reading: Slayers Novels
  • Watching: Yona of the Dawn
  • Playing: Zelda Breath of the Wild
  • Eating: Sweetarts
  • Drinking: Orange Juice


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your welcome C:
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Happy birthday! ^^
(sorry for delay ^^; )
RollZero Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
That's ok ^^ Thanks
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