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Yona of the Dawn Fanfic I Think I'm Pregnant
“Sorry for the wait. Please no need to hold back, eat as much as you all like!” Princess Tao giggled as her servants brought out the food for her guests, laying many dishes on the blanket on the floor.
Yona and her crew all had come to Xing by the princess’ request and had listened to her wishes for the country, but seeing as they were there for a while Tao insisted she prepare a meal for them all. Zeno and Shin-ah were digging in like mad, Yoon was impressed how many things there were to choose from, Kija was bowing his head and thanking the princess for the meal, while Hak and Jae-ha just casually joined the others in eating.
Only Princess Yona herself was sitting there and not touching anything. ‘…. It all looks really good but… For some reason, my stomach hurts a little again today…’ she groaned, wrapping her arms around her belly. About a week ago she had come to Yoon about stomach pains and they just kept continuing, she was worried
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Hairpin of Memories
“… So how are we going to retrieve it?” Jae-ha muttered while rubbing his chin. Yoon had accidentally dropped a bag with Yona’s hairpin in a ditch where it ended up in a small tree hanging over the roaring rapids of the waters, which eventually lead to a waterfall. The group had been standing there for a little while mulling over possible ways to get it after the boy genius came to them in a panic that he had dropped it. Kija had just tried but even with his mighty dragon hand he couldn’t reach.
“… Jae-ha, how about using your leg?” the White Dragon suggested.
The Ryokuryuu looked at him like he was crazy. “My leg…? What do you mean?”
The Hakuryuu bent down, looking over Jae-ha’s boot on his right leg. “I can make my arm enormous, so if you were to focus all your power into one explosive moment, you should be able to extend your leg and do the same, should you not?”
Jae-ha groaned at that one. “If
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When a Dragon is Born Chapter 2
Once they got to Son Mundok’s place everyone was gathered around the group to hear of their travels and adventures, finally getting the whole story of what the Lightning Beast and the princess had been up to since they had departed from Fuuga. This took several hours to recap and eventually Mundok insisted with Yona’s pregnancy she should see the tribe’s doctor right away. Yoon agreed with this and went with her and the elder, wanting to compare notes with an actual trained physician. He took Shin-ah with him just in case as sometimes Yona needed support walking when she got too tired, and at least the Blue Dragon wouldn’t make the boy genius irritated like the princess’ husband would the whole time. In the meantime, Mundok had shown the rest of them a large room, where they could unpack all their items and spend the night. Before leaving with the princess, he said that he would prepare a separate room for Yona and her husband Jae-ha once they got back.
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When a Dragon is Born Chapter 1
‘Don’t forget that if you ever find yourself in trouble, if your heart despairs or if you are in need of shelter of any kind, we’ll always be here to help. We’ll take your side no matter who your enemy is or what it means for our future. All you have to do is ask and we’ll be there.’
Son Mundok’s words were still ringing in Princess Yona’s head as they approached Fuuga, the capital of Kouka and home to the Wind Tribe. After their long journey and negations were finally through with Xing a few months ago, they realized that the princess was not going to be able to keep on traveling in her current condition, despite her protests. By Yoon’s best guess she would be giving birth within at least a month when Hak suggested taking up his grandfather’s offer for shelter if they ever needed it. Yona only agreed to it as she wanted to see the people of the Wind Tribe again, and knew it would be good for Hak as well to retur
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Mature content
Why Don't You? :iconrollzero:RollZero 0 0
Dragon Lessons of Love Chapter 3
Yona sighed as she lay awake in her tent, still thinking about the events of earlier that day. ‘Just what did Jae-ha mean by that…? I’m not getting possessive of him, am I? And besides he’s too much on his freedom it can’t be possible that maybe he… He likes me… Is there?’ she shook her head. ‘No, no, no he already told you that it was the dragon’s blood messing with his head right? And besides wasn’t it Hak that you…’ she was blushing madly though just thinking about it, her heart giving a mad thump in her chest. ‘Heart why do you keep on confusing me?’ she mentally groaned.
Seeing as she couldn’t sleep, she thought maybe some bow practice would get her mind off of it. She gathered her quiver of arrows and bow, then slipped out of the tent. But she stopped when she saw who had taken the night watch currently. “Shin-ah.” She gasped.
“Yona?” The masked man looked up an
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Mature content
Love and War in the Dragon Family Chapter 1 :iconrollzero:RollZero 1 0
The Secret's Out Part 1
‘Ever since I’ve been confined here in this jail cell, I’ve been having the same dream over and over… A dream where my legs are stolen, and I can never again leap to her side, though she cries and cries…' Jae-ha thought to himself as he sat in the jail cell in Xing. It was bothering him enough the fact that once again he was trapped in a small room with no freedom, at least there weren’t chains this time, but it just reminded him of his youth in the Ryokuryuu Village. It didn’t help his mind and heart were screaming for him to rush to Yona’s side, scared to death what could happen to his beloved.
Ever since that night in Sensui they had been growing closer and closer, though while keeping it a secret from their group. The Green Dragon didn’t mind, he knew Yona was embarrassed over the whole thing and was scared how they all would react… Hak especially. She wanted to wait until the right time to tell them, but a good time never
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The Secret's Out Part 2
Jae-ha spotted a few archers on the roof and tossed his blades right at them, knocking them down one at a time. He groaned as he felt the pain again when he landed and leapt back into the air once more, following the path that the Blue Dragon told him while avoiding arrows once the members of the Anti-War Faction spotted them. Between Jae-ha’s knives he threw and Shin-ah using his powers to stop them, the archers were dropping off the rooftops rapidly. The Green Dragon landed on one of the roofs to get a rest before kicking off into the air again, trying his best to ignore his pain that begged him to stop moving.
“Jae-ha… I know you can’t carry me very far so drop me there.” Shin-ah said after a moment, pointing ahead. “I will take care of the group ready to ambush them.” He then pointed to the East. “Yona and Hak are heading that way towards the encampment.”
Jae-ha chuckled as he shook his head. “There’s no hiding anyth
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Mature content
What Do You Think of Me? :iconrollzero:RollZero 2 7
Mature content
Dragon Lessons of Love Chapter 2 :iconrollzero:RollZero 3 4
Love and War in the Dragon Family Prologue
“From the day I was born my life was forfeit…. That’s what my father always told me. Valerie, your life is for me to decide and decide alone he would say…”
The crimson haired woman with blue eyes smirked as she watched the guards from the crow’s nest of the ship she was on. She clung a blonde haired woman next to her as she did. “… But I always was the type to rebel, which is why I’m here now. Cia, was it?”
The scared blonde timidly nodded. “Yes… But how are we going to get out of here? There are men all over and…”
Valerie chuckled and placed a finger over her mouth. “The gods are on our side my dear… And they have chosen for you to be saved this night.” She drew her blade and smirked. “Time for some fun, hold on tight.”
Cia nodded, wrapping her arms around the redhead from behind as Valerie cut a rope and used it to glide down. “Looking for me, boys?”
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Dragon Lessons of Love Chapter 1
Princess Yona sighed as she lay awake in her tent with Yoon for the night. It had been nearly a month since she got the boy genius and her dragons back from the country of Xing, it was a long and tiring journey and her fear of losing her dragons and her friend nearly killed her, but she was able to pull it off… But something was still on her mind.
During the travel to make her negotiations with Soo-won, she and Hak had to part ways briefly and she had kissed him… and he pulled back. Neither of them had spoken of the kiss since then, and she felt… weird after it. Something wasn’t right. She used to dream of kissing Soo-won back in her carefree days in the palace, wasn’t it supposed to be fireworks when you kiss the one you love?
This weighed on her mind a long time until she just huffed and sat up, Yoon was fast asleep so she didn’t want to disturb the boy genius. So she stepped out of the tent to get some fresh air. It was then she noticed the campfi
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“Sorry for the wait. Please no need to hold back, eat as much as you all like!” Princess Tao giggled as her servants brought out the food for her guests, laying many dishes on the blanket on the floor.

Yona and her crew all had come to Xing by the princess’ request and had listened to her wishes for the country, but seeing as they were there for a while Tao insisted she prepare a meal for them all. Zeno and Shin-ah were digging in like mad, Yoon was impressed how many things there were to choose from, Kija was bowing his head and thanking the princess for the meal, while Hak and Jae-ha just casually joined the others in eating.

Only Princess Yona herself was sitting there and not touching anything. ‘…. It all looks really good but… For some reason, my stomach hurts a little again today…’ she groaned, wrapping her arms around her belly. About a week ago she had come to Yoon about stomach pains and they just kept continuing, she was worried since it would come and go like this. ‘Now that I think about it, my body’s been heavy since yesterday and I feel awfully light headed. Maybe I should just take a trip to the bathroom…’ she tried to get up but got a terrible head rush, falling right back down… And that’s when her face leaned in too much towards the food where she took in the smells and that made it worse, she felt vomit creeping up in the back of her throat. ‘Why is my stomach so…?’ she whimpered and closed her eyes.

“Princess? What’s wrong?” Hak, who was sitting next to her had caught her before she ended up face first into the food. “Your face is looking a little pale, you know?”

‘I’m going to throw up!!!’ Yona shivered as she quickly pulled herself from Hak, not wanting to puke on her guardian she slapped her palm at his face to push away from him. “Don’t come so close!!!” she shouted without thinking.

“Yona?” Jae-ha shot his head up, having noticed she had tried to get up and ended up right back down. ‘Oh dear, I hope she’s not too sleep deprived from when we met up last night during my watch….’ He thought to himself, after all he was worried one of these days the lack of sleep would get to the princess with the times she’d sneak out of her tent to be with her lover in secret.

“Yona what’s wrong?” Yoon asked, worried as well. “Are you alright? Is it your stomach again like last time?”

Hak just sat there for a moment, looking utterly confused at what the princess had just done. “… My apologies for coming so close…”

“Pukkyyuuu?” Ao tried offering her a nut.

Yona blinked when she realized what she just did, having moved her head away from the close scent of the food she was able to choke her vomit back and prevent herself from puking right in front of everyone. “N-no that’s not…” she stammered, but whimpered again as she felt another wave of pain in her stomach. ‘My stomach still hurts…. I need to get out of here before I-‘

“… Something’s wrong.” Jae-ha noted as he was just about to get up when Princess Tao suddenly grabbed the blanket that held the food, lifting it up while spilling over some of the dishes.

“Ehhh?!” “Princess Tao!” “What the?!” everyone was shocked as they watched the petit princess run over with the blanket and toss it onto Yona.

“Miss Yona is feeling sleepy, so she’s going to rest! Everyone, please continue eating!” Princess Tao said right away, leading the fellow princess off to the side.

“Continue eating she says…?” Hak raised an eyebrow at the food on the ground, shaking his head.

“….. Yeah.” Yoon sweatdropped.

“….” Jae-ha though was quiet, looking like he wanted to run over and ask Yona right away what was wrong. That wasn’t like her to do that, and she did look almost sick right now. She’d been acting a bit strange most of the morning but he was trying to shrug it off, thinking maybe she was just exhausted from their travels and her foot injury was still bothering her. ‘Poor Hak though, that must have complicated things with the way she smacked him just now…’ he thought, noticing the Lightning Beast was muttering to himself about Yona possibly hating him.

‘I smacked Hak without thinking, I wonder if he’s mad at me?’ Yona thought to herself, sighing as she realized her mistake.

“Miss Yona, are you ok?” Princess Tao asked the fellow princess once they were far enough from the group to not be overheard.

“Y-yes thank you, I didn’t want to get sick all over when you prepared that nice meal for my comrades.” Yona replied with a smile, then held a hand over her mouth, feeling the nausea come back. “I don’t know why but just then I thought I was going to-“

“Is it that time of the month? Such times are hard for girls after all.” Tao asked.

“………………” Yona’s eyes shot wide open and her body went stiff. ‘… That time of the…. Wait… WHEN WAS MY LAST PERIOD?!’ her mind went into full on panic mode now, realizing the last time was when they arrived in Shisen, back when Jae-ha got drugged by the Nadai... “… Oh my god, it can’t be….” She muttered out loud. “No, no, no, no we’ve been so careful it can’t…” she started shaking now.

“Miss Yona, what is it?” Tao asked, stopping for a moment to let the redhead get control of herself. Tao then noticed that shocked expression on Yona’s face. “It’s been too long, is that it?”

Yona just nodded numbly, her mind trying to count the weeks and days since she had started her relationship with Jae-ha and trying to recall the last time she had a cycle… Yeah it all added up. The nausea, the way her breasts had become awfully tender during their love making, the dizziness, and how she hadn’t been feeling right with her getting overly emotional lately… “…. I… I think I’m pregnant.” She voiced her thoughts and felt like the world collapsed onto her.

“I have a healer here that we can ask for her opinion.” Tao offered, taking her inside of her small mansion. “There aren’t too many servants here because it’s kind of like my secret home.”

“Is it alright to have people from Kouka Kingdom here though…?” Yona asked, struggling to walk straight as she felt dizzy again. “Also I really hate to bother you… I seriously didn’t realize it until just now… I’ve been feeling a bit sick lately but I just passed it off as exhaustion from my travels. I guess I let my guard down and didn’t even consider the possibility that I was…”

“I’m sure I can trust you, and besides I’m glad to be a gracious host to offer this for you.” Tao said with a smile. “Some of my people were held in Sei as slaves, you and your comrades freed them. I wanted to thank you all and being able to pay you back like this is just a small compensation.”

“Thank you.” Yona said with a smile as Tao lead her into a room before rushing off to find the healer. Once she was out of sight Yona buried her face into her hands and let out a whimper. ‘…. What am I going to tell Jae-ha?! He’s been trying so hard not to get me pregnant and here I’m already… He’ll never want to settle down with a child! I’d be taking away his freedom!’ her mind was going all over the place. ‘Plus this means I HAVE to tell the others about my relationship with him, and soon before they figure out that I’m carrying his child!! How did I not notice I missed two cycles already?! … Well we’ve been through a lot lately and I’ve been more worried about everyone else so I kind of forgot about it…’ she sighed and pulled out a wooden box from her belongings, opening it to look at the dragon hairpin Jae-ha had given her recently. She flushed as she ran her fingers through it, smiling as she recalled their conversation the night he gave it to her, his words echoing in her mind. ‘I wanted to give you a hairpin that holds happy memories. Not like the one from him, which always makes you look sad, but one to keep that smile on your face always, Yona darling. I love you, princess of my heart…’

“Miss Yona?” Tao’s voice snapped her out of her trance, she had returned with a slightly older looking woman who stood behind the princess. “This is my personal doctor Sara, she has a few questions for you to hopefully help answer your concern.”

“A pleasure to meet you.” The woman with long brown hair bowed. “I was held at one of the forts in Sei, the monsters of Kouka saved my life, I’m eternally grateful to them. The one was like an angel when he appeared, with his white hair and that enormous hand…”

“Oooohh! That was Kija wasn’t it?” Yona lit up at that. “He’s pretty cool, isn’t he?”

“Yes that was him, I knew it when I saw him.” Tao smiled. “A court lady told me similar.”

“Anyway Princess Tao said you were feeling nauseous?” Sara asked, pressing her hand against Yona’s forehead. “You’re a bit pale but you don’t seem to have a fever.”

“My stomach’s been hurting a lot the past week or so… It usually passes by afternoon but just now when I got close to all that food I felt like I was going to throw up.” Yona whimpered as she explained.

“Anything else out of the ordinary?” the healer asked. “When was your last menstrual period?”

“Well… My breasts have been bothering me in my bindings and I’ve been getting dizzy spells.” Yona sighed as she listed off what she thought could help. “I’ve also been getting tired more lately, and it’s been about 10 or 11 weeks since my last cycle…”

“Oh my, no wonder you went into shock when I asked…” Tao gasped. “You must have been quite sidetracked to have not noticed missing two periods.”

“You could say I have been…” Yona sighed and looked to the side. Between looking into the Nadai, helping Lily out, their trip to Kai when the dragons got sick, Shin-ah getting possessed by a previous Seiryuu, getting captured and taken to the forts in Sei… Her cycle was the last thing on her mind during all that, if it even crossed her mind she would have shrugged it off to all the stress making her miss one, not realizing how long it has been. “But ummm… We’ve been trying to be careful and yet this happened, so… I guess that means I… I got pregnant from the first time…?” her mind was going back to that first night in Sensui, where Jae-ha confessed his love for her and they got lost in the moment after changing her bandage for her back wound. That was the only time that he…. Released inside her, because they were so absorbed in passion and embracing their love they didn’t think of the consequences. Hell Yona herself didn’t even remember most of the other times they made love, it was usually Jae-ha that had to remind her and hold himself back.

“It’s not uncommon, and can happen I’m afraid. But listening to all the signs I can fairly say I’m quite sure you’re pregnant.” Sara said with a smile. “I take it you’re not married to the father.”

Yona quickly shook her head. “… My comrades don’t even know we’re seeing each other…” she blushed and looked away. “We’ve been keeping it a secret.”

“Oh? Which one is your lover then Miss Yona?” Princess Tao just had to ask the all-important question. “Was it the man you smacked just before…?”

Yona shook her head. “No Hak’s just my bodyguard and my friend. Jae-ha is the one I love…” she blushed just thinking about her Ryokuryuu and the fact that the princess called him her lover. “He’s the Green Dragon of the Four Dragon Warriors, the one that can fly into the sky.”

“Oh my! So you’re in a relationship with one of the monsters from Kouka?” Sara gasped.

“Please don’t tell the others about this, Princess Tao.” Yona said with a worried face. “Jae-ha and I haven’t told them yet and we’ve been trying to find the right time for it… Besides now…. I have to tell him that I’m pregnant…” she shivered at the thought. “And he’s been trying not to but the first time we…”

Sara smiled and pat her shoulder. “Sometimes things just happen in the heat of the moment, and most do assume that it won’t happen the first time which usually it won’t, but can. I’m sure he’ll understand when you tell him.”

“I’m not so sure about that…. His freedom is everything to him and me having a child would mean that I’m taking that away…” Yona whimpered as she raised her knees to rest her head against, curling herself into a ball. “Oh no, what do I do…?”

“Miss Yona…” Tao frowned and pat her back. “I’m sure he loves you enough to handle it, just try talking to him. You can’t keep this a secret forever.”

“I know… I can’t keep it a secret from the others either much longer…” Yona groaned. “They’re all going to react so poorly…”

“Sara, please don’t mention this to anyone.” Princess Tao turned to her healer who nodded, excusing herself to leave the two princesses alone for now. “There, there Miss Yona, it will be ok.”

“Thank you, Princess Tao, for being so young you’re so reliable.” Yona said with a smile.

Tao giggled at that. “I may look like this, but I’m actually 19 years old.”

“Ehhh?!” Yona’s eyes widened. “You’re older than me?! I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be sorry.” Princess Tao chuckled. “It’s better to look younger!”

‘She’s so cute.’ Yona couldn’t help but smile at the princess.

“By the way Yona, what is that?” Tao asked, pointing to the box with the hairpin that was still in the redhead’s hands.

“Oh this?” Yona flushed as she realized she was still holding it open. “… It’s something Jae-ha gave me, I keep it in the case so the others don’t see it.”

“It’s beautiful, such a wonderful hairpin.” Tao said with a smile, looking it over. “He must love you very much.”

Yona’s cheeks burned as she nodded. “He does… Just as much as I love him…”

The two princesses continued their talk for a while. When Princess Tao expressed her concern for her country, Yona began to wonder if there was a way she could discuss this with to Soo-won… Yona eventually fell asleep for a few hours and awoke in the middle of the night. When she went wandering she got attacked, being mistaken for Princess Tao. After the mansion was set ablaze during the attack, everyone took shelter in a nearby cave. The following morning, Yona found herself watching Hak and Algira in the middle of a spar.

“Oh? Hak hasn’t had a sparring match in a while.” Jae-ha commented from behind her, placing a hand on her hair and stroking softly.

Yona flushed as she looked at the Green Dragon. “J-Jae-ha…” she then looked to the side. ‘I’ve got to tell him… But how?’ with everyone together in the cave last night there was no way to get him alone to talk… And she really badly needed to tell him that she was pregnant, but at the same time she was worried about his reaction…

Jae-ha raised an eyebrow at her expression. “… Yona dear, are you alright? Princess Tao said you weren’t feeling well yesterday so I know you went to rest and sadly that got interrupted…”

“I-I’m fine Jae-ha, really!” Yona waved her hands frantically, moving a bit away from him. ‘I can’t look at him right now… I’m too scared I’m going to just blurt out that I’m pregnant which I can’t do that right now in front of everyone!!’

‘…. Ok there is definitely something wrong with her, she's trembling and avoiding eye contact…’ Jae-ha noted, tilting his head to the side. “Yona dear, have I done something to offend you by chance?” he asked a bit low since the other’s attention was on Hak at the moment.

“H-huh?” Yona turned to him with a blush on her face. “N-no not at all Jae-ha I…” she then quickly looked away.

“Then look at me.” Jae-ha said with a voice that was nearly pleading, reaching a hand out to turn her towards him. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I-I…. I-I’m….” Yona flushed even worse, but then he had to let her go because Vold approached them.

“Yes Vold, what is it?” Jae-ha smiled at him, though was a bit worried about that serious face he had…

“Well… If it is alright, I would also like to spar.” Vold replied.

‘Seriously…? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something?’ Jae-ha mentally groaned. He didn’t have time for this nor did he really want to, he was far too concerned with Yona right now and whatever it was that was bothering her. “Well you see….”

And that’s when Kija stepped in. “That sounds good! I’ll go after Jae-ha!”

‘Kija you are NOT helping!’ Jae-ha grumbled, then pat the Hakuryuu on the back. “No, I’ll pass. Kija, you should go.”

But the White Dragon shook his head at that. “What are you saying? You were the one challenged to a duel. You should go first.”

Jae-ha sighed and shook his head. “No, I don’t like hot-blooded things like sparring… WAH!” he quickly avoided Vold’s blade who got started right away.

“Let’s have a good match!”

“WAIT VOLD!!!” Jae-ha quickly leapt to the side, dodging his attack. ‘How did I get into this mess?!’

Yona giggled at that, she was just barely saved from blurting it out to him in front of everyone. She sighed though, still weighing on her mind how she was going to tell her beloved the news as she wrapped her arms around her waist. But the day wasn’t making it any easier, after she returned with Hak when she went strolling in town they found out Princess Kouren had arrived and right after the Four Dragon Warriors were taken as prisoners. Yona’s heart sank when Hak brought up that Jae-ha realized them retaliating from the attack would escalate into war, he only did that out of his love and respect for her after all… So much for being the irresponsible pervert he claimed to be. Once Yona made her arrangement with Princess Kouren to go and meet with Soo-won, everything was set for Yona to head out on her journey that could easily be her death sentence, but she had to try to save them… But there was something she badly needed to do first…

“Let me speak to them.” Yona pleaded. “Just once, and I will be on my way… I need to talk to the Four Dragons immediately.” ‘I have to tell Jae-ha, especially if… Something happens to me… I just want to tell him at the very least one more time that I love him and set things straight…’ she knew that her avoidance of him was going to cause a bit of confusion but she couldn’t find a time ALONE with him to tell him the truth, that she was pregnant with his child…

“No.” Princess Kouren replied with a scowl. “Your companions will remain hostages and you cannot see them, I cannot risk you trying to aid them in an escape.” She then walked off.

“PLEASE!” Yona cried, tears filling her eyes. “I have to see them!”

Hak came up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders. “… They’ll be alright princess. But if you press her much more she might do something to Droopy Eyes and the others…” the Thunder Beast himself looked like he was holding back a murderous rage from their friends being hurt and held prisoner.

Tao nodded, crying herself now, taking Yona’s hands into hers. “Princess Yona, I promise to protect the Four Dragons and Mister Yoon!” she declared. “I won’t let anything happen to them, I swear!” knowing that Yona’s love was trapped there and injured, Princess Tao knew how difficult this must be right now for the Princess of Kouka. She then hugged Vold and Algira, telling them to go with her and whispering something in their ears too soft for Yona and Hak to hear.

From there they started their journey, Yona insisting on pushing herself even though her pregnancy was still bothering her the whole way… Until her fear over losing Jae-ha and the others just got to be too much, she had a panic attack and started hyperventilating. Eventually she just fainted into Hak’s arms who picked her up and suggested they make camp for the night.

“So what Princess Tao told us was true…” Vold spoke as they finished setting up the tent. “To think that she’s taking on such a dangerous task in her condition…”

“… What?” Hak blinked a few times after he placed Yona in the tent to rest and came back out to hear what Vold said. “I mean yeah she’s been sick to her stomach a lot lately and all…”

“Oh you don’t have to hide it from us, Hak-nyan.” Algira shrugged. “Princess Tao told us she’s with child.”

Hak felt his blood run cold and his eyes widened. “…. She’s…. What?” he went into complete shock, his brain unable to process that. “What do you mean she’s…?”

“Oh… Did she not tell you yet?” Vold seemed to catch onto the Thunder Beast’s shock. “Princess Tao told us when she asked us to accompany you that she’s pregnant and to be sure to help protect her… I suppose Princess Yona must have recently found out and was unable to tell you…”

“…. But…. Who… How… When….?” Hak’s words were coming out in a jumbled mess. ‘When the HELL did this happen?! My god did those assholes that kidnapped her in Sei force themselves on her and Lily when… Is that why she’s been so sick recently? She’s still traumatized from being raped by…. I think I’m going to be sick… And I’m going to murder whoever did this to her!!!’ he was seeping with rage and shock at this point.

“Hak-nyan? Are you ok?” Algira blinked a few times, confused by the Thunder Beast’s rage and tremendous bloodthirsty aura.

“… Who did this to her…?” Hak growled out loud, still lost in his train of thought.

Vold’s eyes widened. “Wait… You mean, you’re not her lover? I thought for sure the way you two…”

“I don’t know but I’m going to get to the bottom of this.” Hak snarled, going back into the tent.

“But if he’s not her lover then who is?” Vold turned to Algira, who shrugged his shoulders.

Hak looked at the sleeping princess with a frown, here he was supposed to protect her and now he felt like he truly failed… “King Il… I’m so sorry… I failed to protect your daughter after all.” he muttered, sitting down next to Yona and moving a bit of hair from her face.

“Jae-ha…” Yona mumbled, causing the Lightning Beast to raise an eyebrow at that.

‘She must be worried about Droopy Eyes and White Snake hearing how badly they got hurt…’ Hak thought to himself.

“Nnnnn…. H-Hak?” Yona fluttered her eyes open. “W-what happened? Where…”

“You fainted.” Hak replied, ruffling her hair a bit. “You need to take a rest. Those guys are alright.”

“We don’t know that for sure, I wasn’t allowed to see them…” Yona whimpered.

“I’m the Darkness Dragon, remember?” Hak replied with a slight smile. “Those guys are as lively as ever, I can tell.”

Yona narrowed her eyes at that, but chuckled at the name he used during the time they were the Happy Hungry Bunch. “Darkness Dragon? Even though they’re called the Four Dragons?”

“We became the Five Dragons last week.” Hak responded with a smirk as he watched her giggle.

“Sorry I worried you, I still haven’t been feeling right…” Yona sighed as she sat up. “It’s nothing though, just that same stomach pains and the stress probably-“ she was cut off when Hak suddenly hugged her. “… H-Hak…?”

“Princess….” Hak’s voice was practically painful as he tried to ask this calmly. “… Who did this to you?”

“Huh…?” Yona stiffened in his arms. “W-what are you…?”

“Princess Tao told those guys out there that you’re pregnant, is that true?” Hak pulled back to look right into her eyes. “… Tell me the truth, please…. Was it when you were captured and sent to be a slave in Sei…?”

Yona’s eyes widened and her heart sank, she started shaking again as she realized there was no way out of this one… She was going to have to finally face Hak’s reaction and it wasn’t going to be good… “… I didn’t want you to find out this way…” she whimpered, looking away. “… No, that wasn’t when it happened but it is true that I’m pregnant…. I only just found out the other day…”

Hak lowered his head and let out a slight hiss that she confirmed it, he placed his hands on her shoulders as he tried to pull himself together. “… If it wasn’t then, when? Who forced you into-“

“Nobody forced me Hak!” Yona replied rather snappish, her cheeks reddened a bit. “Seriously why did your first thought have to be that I was forced?!?”

Hak looked at her bewildered. “… What…? What the hell are you saying that-“

“Hak, I’m a little over two months pregnant.” Yona revealed, looking away again. “I just didn’t realize it at first until Princess Tao had her doctor help me confirm it… I’ve been… Keeping it from you but I… I’ve fallen in love with someone… And you’re not going to like who it is…” she shut her eyes and whimpered. “But he loves me too and he’s the father of my baby….”

“……” Hak’s brain seemed to have broken trying to process everything that happened two months ago, there was so much he couldn’t seem to narrow down when it could have happened before Yona spoke again.

“… Jae-ha’s the father.” she kept her eyes closed and braced for the impact of the Thunder Beast’s shouting.

“WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAATTTT?!?!” Hak shouted at the top of his lungs, he was immediately reaching for his glaive. “I’M GOING TO GO BACK TO THAT PRISON TO MURDER THAT BASTARD MYSELF!”

“HAK!” Yona grabbed his arm, pulling him back down. “I knew you were going to react this way so that’s why I hadn’t told you!” she whimpered.

“I knew it… I knew I couldn’t trust that god damn perverted bastard!” Hak was snarling as he balled his hands into fists. “I just KNEW something happened when you two went ahead to Sensui! You both were acting strange when we arrived and I just knew that bastard couldn’t have just changed your bandage without trying something…. That’s why he always avoided answering me that jerk I outta….”

“HAK STOP IT!” Yona shouted, grabbing his hands and glaring at him. “Listen to me, will you?! Jae-ha was nothing but a gentleman the whole time with me and it did start out as him just cleaning up my wound! I’m the one that kept pressing him how he felt about me and finally I got him to break down and admit he loved me!” she flushed a bit just thinking about her first night with her Ryokuryuu lover. “Look I know you have a horrible impression of him but he’s good to me, and he cares a lot about me! I feel I can come to him for just about anything, he doesn’t judge me and admires my desire to grow stronger! He gives me strength and I was even able to hold myself around Soo-won because of his love! I mean seriously Hak was I even remotely as shaken up when we ran into Soo-won in Sensui compared to when I ran into him at Awa?!”

Hak froze for a moment at her passionate response, seeing the fire in her eyes as she was determined to make him see reason. “….. You didn’t break down that time… In fact instead you stopped me from…” he looked to the side just thinking about it, that was true she was holding together quite strong that day, and it really hadn’t been that long since the time she broke down crying after having run into their former friend. “… But seriously…. Jae-ha?” he asked in a strained voice, feeling his chest tighten. “Of all Four Dragons you fell for that filthy flirt?” he grit his teeth at how lucky that smug bastard was. Here Hak had loved Yona for years but she never noticed, as always her eyes were constantly on another. First Soo-won, now Jae-ha. “… You have terrible taste in men, princess. He’s a god damn pervert and will never stay faithful to you, he’ll run off at the slightest hint of you tying him down and…”

“That’s my problem Hak and I know how he is!” Yona blushed some more as she huffed. “Jae-ha and I have already discussed this, besides have you really seen him run off to the Red Light lately?” she brought up.

“… Well he did sneak off that time we were with Lily in Sen-“ Hak’s eyes widened when it dawned on him. “Wait…. He wasn’t by chance…”

“With me? That’s EXACTLY where he was.” Yona looked to the side as her blush grew, she nodded once. “… We’ve been seeing each other in the middle of the night, most of the time during his night watches to keep it a secret.”

“So THAT’S why you’ve been lacking sleep lately!” Hak growled at that one. “And then he goes and gets you pregnant of all things?!”

“That was an accident Hak!” Yona protested. “Jae-ha was actually trying to be careful with me but… Things just happened ok?! He doesn’t even know yet I’m pregnant! That’s what I wanted to tell him when Princess Kouren refused to let me see him!” her eyes were brimming with tears. “What if I never see him again after this? What if something happens to me even? I’ll never have told him just one more time how much I love him!” she sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks now. “Him and Kija are hurt now because of me! They’ve been on this journey because they came with me along with Shin-ah, Zeno and Yoon, and now they’re all paying for it! And they only didn’t fight back to avoid a war because they know what that would mean to me. Otherwise if Jae-ha was as selfish and terrible as you think he wouldn’t have cared what his actions meant, he would have just run away!”

Hak was a bit stunned by her reaction but he didn’t have a decent reply to that, even he himself had to commend Jae-ha and Kija for holding back… With his rage and temper he’d never think about the consequences of his actions like that, he’d just react to being attacked or his friends being hurt… He couldn’t find it in himself to continue to argue with her, seeing her in tears so much he pulled her into another hug. “… Those guys wouldn’t want to see you beat yourself up over this, especially Droopy Eyes…” he sighed. “… When we get them out of there you need to tell him though, and we need to tell the rest of them about this…”

“I know… I’m sorry I kept it from you for so long…” Yona sobbed into his shoulder. “But I was so happy with him I didn’t want to ruin it by starting such an argument between us… I knew you’d take it terribly…”

“Trust me I still want to rip his head off….” Hak growled, slowly rubbing her back. “But…. As long as he doesn’t hurt you I guess I can…. Deal with it…” of course his anger was fading due to Yona’s tears. His heart felt like it was breaking though in the process, just cementing as he always knew that the princess would never see him as anything more than a friend. “… Are you sure HE loves you and it’s not just that stupid dragon’s blood?”

Yona choked another sob, pulling back to look at him sternly. “Do you really think the dragon’s blood makes Jae-ha want me THAT way? You sure don’t hear from Zeno tales of the dragons sleeping with King Hiryuu.” She protested. “… Besides, that’s exactly what held Jae-ha back for a while, he just assumed the way he felt was forced on him because of the dragon’s blood… Until he realized it was his own and didn’t even care if the blood influenced it, he just wanted to be with me.”

“… Alright you’ve got me there, Zeno surely doesn’t look at you that way…” Hak conceded, after all he had his suspicion that Kija also had a crush on her but not the Yellow Dragon… He sighed and shook his head, petting her hair. “… So I guess this means you’ve finally moved on from Soo-won then, even though you still have that hairpin from him…”

Yona smiled at that, shaking her head. “That wasn’t why I kept the hairpin Hak I…. Nevermind.” She looked to the side. “What I felt for Soo-won is nothing like what I feel for Jae-ha, I know I used to gush all the time and made a big deal about it back then but I really didn’t know any better…” She then turned back to look at the Thunder Beast seriously. “Hak I know you want to protect me but this is my choice and who I want to be with, please I just ask that you respect that.”

Hak let out an exhausted groan as he rubbed his head. “… Fine, if it’s an order I guess I have no choice… But know that the second he hurts you or betrays your trust I’m going to kill him. And when we get those guys back, if you don’t tell him that you’re pregnant right away and make sure he takes responsibility I will.” He growled slightly menacingly, already imagining how he’d threaten the Green Dragon.

Yona shivered at that, she was still worried about Jae-ha’s response to finding out she was pregnant, but she sighed and nodded. “Alright Hak, I’ll tell him as soon as I can… I promise.”

Hak sighed, stroking her hair a bit more. “… I meant what I said before princess, as long as you’re happy… That’s all I want. If that shameless pervert is what makes you happy then…. Fine.” He lowered his eyes, realizing after seeing that determined look on her face and her tears that she was serious about the Ryokuryuu. After all, he saw how she was back when she was in love with Soo-won, when she was stubborn about getting him to notice her and return her feelings. This time she was different, and he didn’t pretend he hadn’t noticed her attention on the Green Dragon lately that was making him suspicious, he just didn’t think the pervert had made a move completely on her just yet… So much for his senses being sharp, she found a way around them to keep it a secret this long… Guess it just showed how well she knew him. He still wished she had fallen for someone more dependable, but he knew Jae-ha was protective of her, after all he was able to count on the Green Dragon to save her back in Sei… Not to mention the Ryokuryuu acted differently around Yona sometimes, especially during that whole incident with the Nadai. Yona herself had been acting differently around him as well, and Hak was hitting himself for not figuring it out sooner. He just sighed as his thoughts continued to wander, petting Yona on the head. “Get some sleep princess, we’ll get an early start in the morning.”

Yona smiled as she reached out a hand to stroke his cheek. “… Hak, you too. Don’t worry so much about the Four Dragons not being here. I’m not that dependable, but I’m right here by your side. Time for sleepy sleep.” She giggled.

Hak’s eyes widened at her words and he had a moment of weakness, he hugged her tightly against his chest, muttering too low for her to hear. “Princess… I love you.”

“Hak…?” Yona struggled a bit in his hug until he pulled back and lay her down on the blankets. “What did you just say…?” she couldn’t make out what he said at all, as she blinked in confusion.

“It was nothing.” Hak replied, laying on his side while facing away from her. He knew she’d never return his feelings especially now, and was kicking himself for blurting it out like that… “Please go to sleep.”

Yona sighed, seeing that he didn’t want her to press it she reached her hand over to grab her pouch from her belongings to pull out the dragon hairpin from Jae-ha. She whimpered as she cradled the hair ornament to her chest, where her heart was aching for her Ryokuryuu, worried about how he was back in Xing… And praying that she could free him soon.
Yona of the Dawn Fanfic I Think I'm Pregnant
Sequel to Hairpin of Memories,… takes place right before The Secret's Out… AU of chapters 128, 130, 133 & 134 in my Yona/Jae-ha Alternate Chapter Series. SPOILER FOR XING ARC PLEASE READ THE MANGA FIRST MANY REFERENCES ARE IN THIS ONE! After meeting Princess Tao in Xing, she helps Princess Yona find out she is pregnant with Jae-ha's child. Yona then must struggle with trying to tell Jae-ha about it, but when the Four Dragons are taken capture by Princess Kouren, Hak finds out about Yona's pregnancy and confronts her about her, making her finally confess her relationship with her Green Dragon. Yona/Jae-ha Pairing with one sided Hak/Yona angst.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and was writing this at the same time as Hairpin of Memories (I actually started this one first but stopped to start the other one), this is the AU of chapters 128, 130, 133 & 134 as this part was mentioned in ‘The Secret’s Out’ I couldn’t help but pick this time since in the actual manga Yona had her period instead she’s realizing she HASN’T had it in a while XD
Of course I skipped all the introductions and serious part with Princess Tao, the attack on her, and the conversation with Princess Kouren since little would change there and this will jump around a bit seeing as I mostly want to focus on the parts that are changed with this AU story, sorry if any confusion but I saw little point in just replaying exactly what happened in the manga. At first I wanted Chapter 134 to be its own one shot, but I feel it fits well here as this is the one shot Yona finds out she’s pregnant, might as well throw in when Hak finds out the truth. I am trying my best to figure out the timeline, but seeing as in chapter 44 it is stated that two and a half months had passed since Soo-won ascended the throne which is early on in the story, I took a guess about how much time had passed from chapters 85 to 128, as when Yona conceived would have been in that AU of that chapter, in the one shot ‘What Do You Think of Me?’… Hope you all enjoy!

Again sorry for how much this one shot jumped around but otherwise each part would have been extremely short stories and what I left out in-between really wouldn't have changed for this series, you're best off just reading the manga for those so that's why I just wrote a short summary. Though this does make me ask the question: Would anyone be interested in a short series of AU scenes with this story? I would make it a chapter story as each chapter would be a short scene being retold that wouldn't be long enough to be it's own one shot. I have several in mind actually including a few that would take place before 'What Do You Think of Me?' but none are long enough to merit their own fanfic as they would be very short. Let me all know in the comments if you'd like to see that.
“… So how are we going to retrieve it?” Jae-ha muttered while rubbing his chin. Yoon had accidentally dropped a bag with Yona’s hairpin in a ditch where it ended up in a small tree hanging over the roaring rapids of the waters, which eventually lead to a waterfall. The group had been standing there for a little while mulling over possible ways to get it after the boy genius came to them in a panic that he had dropped it. Kija had just tried but even with his mighty dragon hand he couldn’t reach.

“… Jae-ha, how about using your leg?” the White Dragon suggested.

The Ryokuryuu looked at him like he was crazy. “My leg…? What do you mean?”

The Hakuryuu bent down, looking over Jae-ha’s boot on his right leg. “I can make my arm enormous, so if you were to focus all your power into one explosive moment, you should be able to extend your leg and do the same, should you not?”

Jae-ha groaned at that one. “If I did that, it wouldn’t be pretty, and I’d never have enough pairs of shoes.” He shook his head. ‘Not to mention the fact there’s no way in hell I’m taking off my boot here in front of all you guys… That leg is so unbeautiful they don’t need to see it, though at least I can hide it fast enough when we bathe…’ As always Jae-ha was extremely self-conscious about his dragon leg. He considered it ugly as his village basically considered it a curse and he felt it didn’t go with the rest of his beautiful self. He even kept them on most times he’d sneak around in the middle of the night during his watch to make love to Yona, much to her protests as she wanted to see his dragon leg. But he was stubborn on this subject, even though Yona had been trying for a while now to convince him otherwise, like she did the other night… Which made his cheeks tint just thinking about what the princess did to show her love for that monster leg…

But Kija wouldn’t take that as a no. “In other words, you could do it if you wanted to, right?”

That’s when Hak suddenly grabbed the Green Dragon’s leg. “What’s that? Hey take off your shoes for a second.”

“Eh?! Wait!” Jae-ha cried, struggling from the Thunder Beast’s grip. “What are you… STOP IT!”

Yoon was bending down behind him. “Show us! Show us!”

“Wait you guys AHHHH!!” Jae-ha kicked at Hak with his human leg, and immediately pulled himself away, sulking in a corner while loosening his robes instead. “I’ve been… Defiled….” He jokingly whimpered.

Kija just huffed. “ARRRGHHH!! You are so…”

Hak just sweatdropped. “He takes off his clothes like it’s nothing, yet he obstinately refuses when it comes to his boots…”

“What a troublesome pervert.” Yoon remarked.

Hak just grumbled and shook his head. “I’ll climb down.”

Jae-ha then adjusted his robes and stood up. “Wouldn’t it be better for me to go?”

The Lightning Beast shook his head. “The ground is unstable here. Even you wouldn’t be able to jump off of it.” He then narrowed his eyes. “Also if I don’t get that back…”

Jae-ha raised an eyebrow at that. “Is that hairpin important to you as well, Hak?” He had often wondered what the hell the story was behind that hairpin, and since Yona never told anyone nor wanted to talk about it this was as good a time as any to press.

“…No.” Hak replied rather darkly. “Honestly, I want to smash it.”

“… Eh?” Yoon blinked, as Kija and Jae-ha suddenly went quiet.

‘Smash it…?’ Jae-ha thought to himself, blinking a few times. ‘He’s got that same sorrowful bloodlust from before, just like in Awa and….’ His eyes widened with realization. ‘… No… It can’t be…’

Yoon seemed to come to the same conclusion. “… That hairpin couldn’t possibly be…. A present from King Soo-won or something like that… Right…?”

Hak didn’t respond, Kija just stood there and Jae-ha took in a sharp gasp.

“… It is really?” Yoon asked, his face going through several emotions from shocked to horrified. “What the heck…? Why did Yona… Keep that hairpin…? Back during the Fire Festival, when I brought out that hairpin, Yona’s face went terribly stiff.”

Jae-ha himself was mulling over his thoughts, rubbing his chin. ‘…. Why would she keep something like that from the man that murdered her father unless…?’ he froze on the spot.

“I wonder… Was Yona…” Yoon hesitated for a moment. “… In love with King Soo-won…?”

Hak once again said nothing, just looking to the side, but his face confirmed it. Kija didn’t seem to know what to say, that shocked expression just stayed on his face… Whereas Jae-ha…

The Green Dragon just looked at the Thunder Beast with eyes of pity, finally understanding. ‘… And this was why you never made a proper move on her, why she’s so certain you two are just close friends and nothing more despite you clearly having loved her for a long time. Her attention was on another the whole time you grew up and she never noticed you Hak, but you kept your distance and let it stay one sided, just like at first I did when I thought she loved you…’ Jae-ha thought to himself, processing this and putting the pieces together. ‘She must have gone through a horrible heartbreak watching the man she loved murder her father before her very eyes, so Hak kept his distance to let her recover and probably figures she still isn’t over him just yet… But still why does she keep something like that on her? Especially now when she has…’ his heart sank for a moment, no he doesn’t dare go and start doubting his princess’ love for him, after all she made it quite clear how her feelings were and broke his resolve to keep it one-sided. But he definitely needed to ask her about this. ‘Perhaps now is as good of time as any to give her that hairpin I got back in Ryusui.’

Yoon though finally spoke up, snapping Jae-ha out of his train of thought. “There’s no need to push yourself and retrieve it, Thunder Beast! I’ll go tell Yona what happened and apologize!”

Hak just smiled, petting the boy genius on the head as he climbed down. Jae-ha’s eyes still on him as he climbed.

‘… And this is why she still hasn’t told Hak about us…’ Jae-ha thought to himself. ‘… Because she knows he’ll worry about her falling in love again only to get her heart broken and destroyed once more, after all he doesn’t have the greatest impression of me.’ He snorted a laugh at that. ‘But that does make me wonder… Does she still love Soo-won? I mean having met him once he did seem like a reliable and trustworthy guy, it shocked both me and Kija when we were told it was him… It’s so hard to believe, was that the way he was around Yona and Hak back in the day? Was all that just an act..? How can someone be so likeable and kind but then suddenly be so cruel and completely destroy Yona’s life like that? And if that’s how he was to her back then, it’s no wonder she fell in love with him, as she said before she was never outside the castle walls until that night her father was killed… It seems you were trapped in your own kind of cage, Yona dear…’ he couldn’t help but mull over while their situations were not exactly the same, it was similar. ‘A glided cage is still a cage, no matter how beautiful it may look. While my legs were chained to the ground and prevented me from seeing the world, her mind was chained from growing and seeing how the kingdom truly was. Who knew we had that in common, Yona love?’

“HAK!!” Kija and Yoon cried, the Thunder Beast had fallen into the river and was being swept away, his head just above the water but he wasn’t swimming or trying to pull himself out, as if lost in thought.

Jae-ha snapped to attention, immediately removing his robe to make it easier to swim. “Crap, I’ll go get him-“ his eyes widened when Kija and Yoon jumped in after him. “WAIT YOU TWO DON’T!!!” he groaned and rolled his eyes, then with a mighty leap jumped into the water ahead of them, grabbing Hak first and then gathering Kija and Yoon who were struggling with the rapids. Once the Green Dragon ushered them all to shore, he grumbled slightly. “Kija what did I tell you last time about jumping into the river with those flappy clothes?! And Hak were you trying to give us a heart attack?!”

“Thanks Jae-ha…” Yoon groaned as he stood up. “You made us panic there, Thunder Beast…”

Hak just looked to the side. “… I got lost in my thoughts for a bit.”

“I thought you were dead!” Kija growled, ignoring the Ryokuryuu’s scolding.

“Seriously, try not to do that again…” Jae-ha groaned as he wrung out his hair, going to put his robe back on.

“Agreed! That was far too dangerous Hak!” Kija shouted.

“He wasn’t the only one I was saying that to….” Jae-ha grumbled, referring to the ones that jumped in after the Lightning Beast. “Let’s just get back before Yona dear starts worrying about us…”

“Right, but where’s the pouch?” Yoon asked after a moment.

Kija held up the purple pouch with the hairpin with his dragon hand. “It’s right here-“ And suddenly there was a loud snap.

“DID YOU HEAR A SNAP JUST NOW?!” Yoon shouted, his eyes wide.

“AAAHHH THE BOX IS CRACKED!” Kija cried as he pulled out the wooden box from the pouch to check.

Jae-ha’s eyes widened. “KIJA, YOU DIDN’T JUST BREAK…”

Kija immediately opened the box with his human hand, sighing with relief when they saw the hairpin was intact.

“Thank goodness! The contents are fine…” Yoon sighed.

Jae-ha groaned and held a hand over his head. “This is bad for my heart…”

Hak just watched the three of them and burst out laughing. “Pffftt! You guys are so worked up… Damn, I don’t even have time to be lost in my thoughts…”

“This is no time to be laughing Hak!” Kija snapped. “It’s soaked!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll dry it off.” Yoon said, taking the box with the hairpin. He then frowned looking at the hairpin. “Seriously… Yona has some painful memories, doesn’t she? When I think about her pain, it’s almost unbearable…”

Jae-ha frowned at that, they all knew Yona had some really painful times and memories since that night her father was murdered and she fled the castle. It was why he wanted to try and help her forge new, happy memories together. He just wanted to keep seeing that smiling face of hers. After all, when he found her just outside Kushibi's Fort, dying of thirst and panicking about Lily getting captured, he felt like his heart was being ripped in half. That she was hurt so badly, that he couldn't protect her and that he was just a few moments away from losing her forever. She was going through such hard times right now, the last thing he wanted to do was bring her more stress or pain. That was why he was fine with keeping their relationship a secret for now, just so she could keep smiling. After all, he was fairly certain their group were not going to simply accept it, sure they would eventually get used to it, but Hak's reaction would be the most violent, he knew...

“I’ll return this to its owner. What becomes of the hairpin is up to Yona to decide.” Yoon spoke up after a moment as he was drying off the hairpin. “You’re ok with that, right Thunder Beast?”

Before Hak could reply, Yona was coming over with Zeno and Shin-ah. “Hey you guys! Where have you been?” the princess asked, blinking as she saw them. “… Why are you all wet?”

“Oh we all thought we’d go playing around in the water, Yona dear.” Jae-ha spoke up first, smiling warmly at her. Hak was looking at him with a raised eyebrow but the Green Dragon elbowed him to go with it.

“Really? I would have liked to see that!” the princess giggled.

“Seeing you all like this, it’s like you’re all still a bunch of kids!” Zeno chuckled.

“This coming from the dragon that's so old we're all kids compared to his age, yet acts like a five-year-old.” Hak remarked.

Yona giggled at that. “The river must have been cold! I’ll go start a fire so you guys can get warm.” She then paused for a moment. “Hey Yoon, can I ask you about something? My stomach’s bothering me again and I was wondering if you could help…”

“Huh? Oh sure Yona.” The boy genius hid the hairpin for now and stood up, following the princess. “But again? You’ve been having stomach cramps for about a week straight now.”

“I know, they usually pass by the morning but this one is being extra annoying.” Yona groaned, sighing as they walked back towards the camp. “I think I might pass on dinner at this rate, I feel like I’m going to throw up…”

“Yona…” Yoon rubbed his chin, he was really beginning to wonder about the way the princess had been lately. “I noticed that lately you've been getting tired more often, maybe exhaustion is getting to you? Also you seem to be taking a lot of bathroom runs in the middle of the night, that or are you having sleeping problems? I woke up a few nights when you weren’t in the tent… You usually came back right before I would go and look for you but…”

Yona blushed madly at that, she didn’t realize the boy genius had woken up during one of the nights she sneaked off to be with Jae-ha. “I-I just couldn’t sleep and needed some fresh air, y-yeah I think just with everything going on lately I can’t sleep right.”

‘…. It’s almost as if she’s… Nah, it couldn’t be that… Could it?’ Yoon thought to himself, rubbing his temple. ‘She couldn’t be…. I mean it doesn’t seem like her and Hak got together anytime recently for her to be pregnant… But she’s been having like morning sickness for a week straight now, not to mention the other subtle signs… Maybe that’s why Lightning Beast had that long pause when I offered him to swap with me and sleep in the tent with Yona…’ he then cleared his throat, handing the bag with her belongings over. “Here, Lily got your stuff back and Hak wanted me to give it to you.”

“Oh! Thanks Yoon.” Yona smiled, taking the bag. She did seem to check inside if the box with the hairpin was in there, but then quickly closed the bag, her eyes straying off to the side. “Ah here we are!” She quickly ran over to start the bonfire.

“Here let me put something together to help your stomach pains.” Yoon said, digging into his bag and mixing a few plants together along with water, then placing it over the fire to warm for a moment then handing the drink to her. “This should help. You sure you still want to skip dinner?”

“I’m sure Yoon, I probably just need to turn in early for the night.” Yona said with a smile. “I’m going to get some more wood for the fire ok? Tell the others to hurry over and get warm ok?” she took the drink and headed a bit into the forest, not going too far though. She sighed as she gathered some pieces of wood but placed them down to check her bag, pulling out the wooden box with the hairpin. She was thinking back to that time at the fort, how Hak and Soo-won worked together to save Lily… That’s the way things should have become, Hak fighting by Soo-won’s side, not the way they were now… “How did we turn out this way…?”

Suddenly, there was a burst of wind behind her, followed by a familiar voice. “You seem troubled, Yona love.”

“Jae-ha!” Yona gasped as she spun around, eyes widening to see the Green Dragon must have landed from a jump to appear behind her so suddenly. “You should get back by the fire and warm up, you must be still soaked.”

“I will, but I was more worried about you right now.” Jae-ha replied with a smile, seeing as no one was around he leaned in to kiss her lips briefly. “Yoon said you weren’t feeling well and was going to skip dinner, I was worried after hearing you were having stomach pains again. So I volunteered to go and hunt down dinner which gave me an excuse to sneak away when he said you went to get the firewood. Of course I could find you from above with a single jump.” He winked.

“It passes after a while, really it’s nothing.” Yona waved a hand carelessly, her cheeks reddened from his kiss. “Besides I think I could use the sleep, since I could always get up during your watch tonight and…” she flushed as she looked away.

Jae-ha smirked at that, kissing her cheek as he wrapped his arms around her. “Mmmm you know just how to entice me, Yona darling… But really if you aren’t feeling well you should get your rest. This pervert can hold back a little bit for your sake. After all you don’t want our little group figuring out why you’re sleep deprived.” He teased.

Yona smiled at that, of course he was being a gentleman as usual but she knew he wanted her just as much as she wanted to be alone with him. But that’s when thinking about the items she got back from Lily reminded her of something she wanted to tell her secret lover. “… Jae-ha, I told Lily about… Us….” She admitted with a blush.

The Green Dragon blinked in surprise at that, smirking slightly. “Really now? Well that sure is progress at least someone knows about it. How did this end up happening?”

“… It just kind of came out when we were having a girl talk…” Yona flushed and looked to the side. “She guessed we were lovers when I kind of slipped about something you said once… I told her not to say anything to the others though she was determined to help me tell them.”

“Perhaps she can help you tell the others and find the right way to go about it then.” Jae-ha chuckled, petting her hair as he held her. “Did Yoon give you back all your things that Lily recovered?”

Yona nodded, stiffening as she thought about the hairpin again which was still in her hand. She pulled back from Jae-ha’s hug to put the case back into her pouch. “Yes I was just looking through and making sure everything was there…”

Jae-ha sighed as he saw her eyes lingering on that hairpin, like many other times he caught her staring at it when she was alone. “… First love is always the hardest to get over.”

“Huh?!” Yona looked up at him with wide eyes, her cheeks flushing again. “J-Jae-ha what do you mean by…?”

“Oh just a theory Yoon and I were wondering about, after seeing Hak’s reaction to that hairpin.” Jae-ha mused, brushing his fingers on her cheek. “… It’s from Soo-won, isn’t it? That’s why you hide it from Hak and worry about his reaction when he sees it. It’s also why you have that sad look on your face whenever you do look at it. But why keep something that causes you such pain, Yona dear?”

Yona looked at him surprised he figured this out it seemed, she flushed and looked to the side. “… It’s a reminder of that night… I never was able to throw it away because… A part of me wants to still believe in Soo-won, the person Hak and I grew up with… I can’t believe all that was fake, what we had. I want to understand him, but I also never want to forget what happened. Do I hold a grudge? I can’t even answer that myself, I’m not driven with hatred like Hak because I don’t want to live my life like that…”

Jae-ha took a moment to process her thoughts, his fingers still stroking her cheek. “… So while I was right that you did love someone at the time, I was wrong thinking it was Hak. Here all this time it was Soo-won that you-“

“It’s not the same.” Yona cut him off, looking into his eyes now. “The way I feel about you is not the same as what I did for Soo-won. I thought it was love, I was convinced it was love, but I was a naïve girl back then. I never was allowed to leave the palace, the only people I ever even talked to were my father, servants, Hak and Soo-won. I didn’t even know many people my age, and the few that did try to court me were awful….” she grimaced at the memory. “My talks with Soo-won were always the highlight of my day and I often looked forward to them, because I was always so happy with being around him I thought I loved him. But now, being outside the castle, seeing the kingdom as it really is without my father’s protection… I’ve met all kinds of people, seen many things… And I got to feel what real love is like…” she smiled, placing her hand over his on her cheek. “… I ran into Soo-won in Awa Jae-ha, right after the battle with Kumji. I was so frozen in fear, panic and unable to raise a sword to him, I couldn’t even speak. What made it worse was he seemed just like the kind Soo-won I used to know, not what I saw that night he killed my father…” she sniffed, fighting the tears creeping up.

Jae-ha’s eyes widened as she explained this. “… Yona… So that’s why that day…” he was putting it together why she was so spacey that day in Awa, and why Hak was radiating such bloodlust. “It’s understandable you couldn’t raise a sword or even speak out to him, you loved him after all. Your world shattered apart in a single moment…” he then looked thoughtful. “But that other time we ran into him in Sensui you held together so well, even glared at him. Perhaps because you were determined to protect Lily dear?” he smiled.

Yona blushed when he asked her about that, she looked to the side, then up at him timidly. “… By that time I had the strength from true love, not just the broken memories of my simple crush… After all when that happened it was just recent you and I had….”

Jae-ha smiled warmly at that, bringing her hand up to place a kiss on. “So that’s why when you saw him you grabbed my hand suddenly, I knew there was something in your eyes but at the time I couldn’t figure it out, not knowing who he was. So you’re saying my love helped you stand up to him?”

“Because what I have with you is stronger than what I had with Soo-won, what I felt for him pales in comparison to how much I love you.” Yona explained with a soft smile. “Besides, it was one-sided anyway. I guess you could say it’s what I was worried about when I figured out I had fallen for you, that I was getting into another one-sided attraction…” her eyes shined for a moment. “But you finally told me that night in Sensui how you felt and I couldn’t be happier.”

‘And yet you never seem to notice your poor Hak’s one-sided love for you…’ Jae-ha couldn’t help but think to himself the irony of that. He gave her hand a squeeze as he leaned in to kiss her again, which she eagerly returned. Once their lips parted, he just smiled at her. “I’m glad I gave in and told you, especially now finding out I’ve given you the strength to stand up to your previous love after everything he’s done, when before you couldn’t even do anything. I’m glad to finally find out the secret behind that hairpin, as I have something I’d like to give you. Something I got back in Ryusui but never got a chance to give to you.” He then reached into his robes and pulled out a wooden box, placing it into her hand that he was holding.

“Jae-ha… You shouldn’t have…” Yona blushed, surprised he got her something.

“Well after all had I known you gotten me that mirror I would have given this to you right away so we could have exchanged gifts, sadly I had this stashed away at the time and could never find the chance to give it to you in private.” Jae-ha chuckled. “At the time I bought it I just wanted to give you something nice, something to think of me sometimes.”

“I don’t need something to think of you, you’re on my mind all the time.” Yona protested, blushing as she opened the box. “Jae-ha…” she gasped, looking at the beautiful crimson hairpin in the shape of a dragon, the stones in the hairpin were beautiful emeralds that sparkled. “… It’s so beautiful.” She said with a smile. “Thank you.”

Jae-ha smiled as he stroked her cheek some more. “I wanted to give you a hairpin that holds happy memories. Not like the one from him, which always makes you look sad, but one to keep that smile on your face always, Yona darling.” He leaned in and kissed her once again. “I love you, princess of my heart.”

Yona’s eyes were sparkling with her tears that glistened with the sun that was starting to set. She threw her arms around the Ryokuryuu tightly, kissing him back deeply. “I love you too, protector of my heart.” She murmured against his lips. She then let out a groan when she realized the others would come looking for her soon if she stayed away much longer. “I wish we didn’t have to wait until tonight…. I…” she pressed against him rather than say the words, but one look in her eyes told the Green Dragon how badly she was lusting for him.

Jae-ha’s cheeks tinted a bit at that, smirking as he continued to kiss her. “Mmmm see you are getting better at teasing me back. Maybe I should let you love my leg more often like the other night, after all you were so bold when-“

“Jae-ha!” Yona smacked his shoulder for that remark, blushing madly. “T-that took a lot for me to work myself up into d-doing! I’m not sure if I could…”

“Awww but you were so beautiful I thought I had died and gods had bestowed upon me a sex goddess in heaven.” Jae-ha teased, kissing her blazing cheek. “After all, didn’t you enjoy having me completely go to mush in your arms? I still can’t believe how sinful and perverted my little princess really is!”

“If I am getting perverted it’s YOUR fault!” Yona huffed, her face still red with her blush. “I-I was just trying to show you that leg isn’t as ugly as you always insist it is!” she then looked away slightly. “…. But you did look really cute with that blush on your face.... I never thought I could come up with something that would surprise you of all people when we…. You know.” She still had trouble saying the exact words, she’d get far too flustered when referring to when they made love.

“Mmmm you are always full of surprises, Yona darling. It’s one of the many reasons I love you.” Jae-ha purred, kissing at her throat now. “You’re unlike any woman I’ve ever met, it’s why you’ve ensnared me so…” he then cupped her cheeks as he pulled back to look into her eyes. “I’m also glad you’ve been learning so fast, so we can show each other our love in so many ways and…” he suddenly let out a groan and rolled his eyes. “… Damn. Kija’s coming, I can sense him getting closer… I guess we stayed here too long. I have to leave you now Yona dear.” He leaned in and kissed her once more. “Until tonight…” he whispered, let her go, and then leapt into the air before he could be seen with her.

“Tonight then…” Yona just smiled as she watched him jump away on that dragon leg. He was so fast that anytime he sensed one of his dragon brothers about to catch them he could quickly move away before they got caught. The only ones he really had to watch were Hak and Yoon, as that built-in radar didn’t work for them. She sighed for a moment, looking back at his thoughtful gift and smiled. She ran her fingers on the hairpin, the emeralds matched the color of Jae-ha’s hair and the crimson dragon shape matched her hair, as if reflecting them together as one. She got lost in her thoughts that she forgot that Jae-ha had just told her that the White Dragon was heading her way.

“Princess?” Kija called out as he pushed a tree branch out of the way as he approached her. “Are you alright? You were gone an awfully long time so I was worried after we heard you saying you were feeling ill…”

Yona flushed as she quickly hid the hairpin back into its box and into her pouch, luckily the case looked just like the one she had for the other hairpin so from the distance the Hakuryuu probably couldn’t tell the difference, as you’d have to look up close to see the one case was cracked from his dragon hand earlier. “Oh! I’m fine Kija just my stomach is still a bit upset, I didn’t want to make you all ill just before dinner.” She finished gathering the firewood she had together just before Jae-ha arrived.

“Let me carry that then princess.” Kija said, taking the load of firewood from her.

“Kija… Do you mind if I ask you something?” Yona spoke after a moment of silence as they were heading back to camp.

The White Dragon blinked, turning to her. “What is it princess? Is something wrong?”

“Well….” Yona’s eyes strayed to the side, pursing her lips together. “What would you do if you well… Liked someone but everyone else thinks they’re not right for you? Would you…. Follow your heart or listen to their warnings…?” her cheeks flushed a bit as she worded this, she wanted so badly to finally start telling her group about her secret romance with the Ryokuryuu, and thought that maybe this could be a way to slowly lead into it.

‘Is she talking about Hak…?’ Kija thought to himself, looking at her slightly worried. Of course he assumed the princess was in love with the Thunder Beast. While he had his own personal feelings for the princess, he didn’t want to act on them feeling his duty to her came first, and that it would be improper to do such to his master. Ever since that incident with the love potion he had convinced himself that when the day came that she’d find someone she had feelings for he would smile and give her his blessing. Although there were times Hak annoyed the hell out of him, and he wasn’t very fond of the way the Lightning Beast teased her… He still knew that the Thunder Beast cared deeply for the princess. “I…. I err ummm...” he flushed a bit that she came to him of all people to ask this. “I suppose I would take their warning under consideration but if that is the person I care for most I would… L-let them know how I feel? B-but I’d still be careful, princess.”

“Well what if it made things complicated though…?” Yona pressed, looking away. “L-like for instance if you suddenly saw me as… W-well not just the Crimson Dragon and a princess?”

Kija blushed madly as he nearly dropped the firewood. “… I-I-I….” he shook his head rapidly. “I-I could never do something so i-improper to you, princess. My duty is the most important thing and that is to ensure your safety. Any dragon that has such… I-Impure thoughts is a disgrace.”

Yona slightly giggled, of course she figured Kija would say something like this. She was already imagining him growling at Jae-ha and threatening him with that dragon hand. “Don’t worry about it Kija, it was just a thought. Anyway why don’t you take that back to Yoon and I’m going to go rest in my tent.”

“Are you sure you don’t want something princess…? Skipping a meal can’t be good for you.” Kija still looked concerned about her despite the blush from the embarrassing subject.

“I’ll be fine.” Yona smiled, heading off for her tent. “Hopefully in the morning my stomach will be better so I can eat breakfast.”

“Princess…” Kija sighed and just watched her go, his heart thumping wildly in his chest. “I wouldn’t dare step over that boundary… But I want you to be happy, hopefully Hak can bring you that happiness…” he muttered to himself.

Yona sighed as she wrapped an arm around her aching tummy, her stomach was still a bit upset which was all the more reason she passed on dinner. Once she got into her tent she sat down and pulled out the gift from her beloved Green Dragon. She smiled as his words echoed in her mind, causing her to blush just thinking about it. Her eyes strayed to her pouch that still held the other hairpin, then back to the new one, her mind mulling over how they represented the girl that she used to be, and the woman she had become…
Hairpin of Memories
Alternate take of Chapter 125 where Jae-ha finds out the truth behind Yona's hairpin and decides to ask her about her first love, while giving her something to think of him with. Sequel to 'Why Don't You...?'… Continuation of my Yona/Jae-ha series with some mentioned one-sided Soo-won/Yona and also one-sided Hak/Yona.
This one got several requests so I finally sat down and tried to write it out, here we have the AU of Chapter 125, so this takes place not long after ‘Why Don’t You…?’ but before ‘The Secret’s Out’… I’m also in the middle of writing the AU to Chapter 128 as one bit in here is referenced there. Once again this is part of my Yona/Jae-ha Alternate Chapters Series, and as always make suggestions in the reviews if there are more chapters you’d like to see redone with this imagining. ^^ Other chapters I have in mind to AU are 146/147, 123 and 124 (Not sure if they will be together) and finally 134 where in that version Yona tells Hak about her relationship with Jae-ha as he finds out about her pregnancy.

Special thanks to shadowelfwarrior for some ideas and helping me put my thoughts together on this one, and as always thanks to my lovely Bookman for always being my Beta Reader and inspiration ^^
I felt a new hairpin made sense to give to Yona to help her get over the unrequited painful love for Soo-won, thus why I wrote first 'Why Don't You...?' to explain how Jae-ha got the hairpin to give to her here.

Oh and also that little bit I hinted at where Jae-ha is mentioning what Yona did to his dragon leg is something I'm in the middle of writing, and something I've actually been surprised no one has written much of yet, which is Yona showing Jae-ha his dragon leg is 'beautiful' by showing it some love <3 (Not that I know if anyone has done this with other pairings for Jae-ha, I just know I sure haven't seen a Yona/Jae-ha fic with it and it's something I think would be hot as hell to read)

Once they got to Son Mundok’s place everyone was gathered around the group to hear of their travels and adventures, finally getting the whole story of what the Lightning Beast and the princess had been up to since they had departed from Fuuga. This took several hours to recap and eventually Mundok insisted with Yona’s pregnancy she should see the tribe’s doctor right away. Yoon agreed with this and went with her and the elder, wanting to compare notes with an actual trained physician. He took Shin-ah with him just in case as sometimes Yona needed support walking when she got too tired, and at least the Blue Dragon wouldn’t make the boy genius irritated like the princess’ husband would the whole time. In the meantime, Mundok had shown the rest of them a large room, where they could unpack all their items and spend the night. Before leaving with the princess, he said that he would prepare a separate room for Yona and her husband Jae-ha once they got back.

“While your grandfather's gesture is very kind, Hak, I highly doubt Yona dear will complain if we have to share the room with you guys for a few nights.” Jae-ha chuckled.

“WE might complain because we already hear enough at night from your damn tent.” Hak grumbled. “Since we’re all well aware you can’t keep your damn hands off the princess.”

“Oh there’s that jealously again Hak, are you sure you don’t want to watch for pointers?” Jae-ha teased, quickly dodging as the Thunder Beast swung his glaive at him. “I really hope you won’t walk around town with that, you might scare people into thinking you’ve become homicidal.”

“Well if a certain Green Dragon knew how to keep his damn mouth shut….” Hak grit his teeth, but did agree to put the weapon away with their other items.

“Jae-ha stop provoking him already!” Kija complained, crossing his arms and huffing. “We all know you’re a vile pervert that can’t hold back how much you enjoy flaunting your relationship with the princess in front of all of us, no matter how indecent it is!”

“Awww I’m just making up for lost time, after all we had so many weeks of hiding it and I couldn’t let you all know for the longest time how much my heart soars for our lovely Yona…” Jae-ha chuckled, making a dramatic pose. “Besides isn’t it a husband’s duty to gush about his adorable wife?”

“Gushing is one thing, bragging about it is what you’re doing.” Hak growled.

Zeno just laughed at the group. “Zeno thinks it's cute how much the Ryokuryuu shows that he adores the little miss!”

Jae-ha smirked and wrapped an arm around the Yellow Dragon. “Ahhh Zeno, being a once married man yourself you’re the only one that can sympathize with me.”

The Ouryuu nodded. “The little miss is so happy with Green Dragon there’s no reason to argue. Besides their hearts will probably melt when the little miss has her baby so their mind will be off Ryokuryuu then. Hopefully your child is perfectly healthy, that’s what Zeno wishes for.”

Kija stiffened again at that. “… Hopefully things go well with the doctor considering the princess was pushing herself until now… Especially that time she got sick.”

“Well she is stubborn as a mule, luckily Yoon got her to rest eventually.” Hak sighed and rolled his eyes. “… You ok there, White Snake? You seem pale whenever the kid being born is brought up, I doubt the princess getting sick once will affect it that badly… And besides that’s why I said to come here, the midwives have delivered lots of kids perfectly fine. She’s in good hands here.”

“H-huh? N-no I…” Kija’s eyes strayed to Jae-ha, then back to the Thunder Beast. “I’m just worried about the princess, that’s all…”

Jae-ha sighed and stepped up to Hak, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Hey since we’re waiting for Yona to come back, how about we have that little talk outside?” he then winked at Kija and Zeno, as he had told the dragons before he was going to let the Lightning Beast know their secret soon.

“What you can’t talk about it here either?” Hak raised one eyebrow. “… Suspicious, Droopy Eyes. I figured it was something you don’t want to say in front of your wife but…”

“I’d rather speak to you man to man.” Jae-ha said with a smile, walking towards the door. “As for what it is, you’ll have to come with me to find out.” He then left the room.

“…. Ok what the hell is he hiding from me?” Hak growled, turning to the Ouryuu and Hakuryuu. “You two know something, don’t you?”

Kija stiffened again. “… It’s… It’s best if Jae-ha tells you himself…”

Zeno nodded. “Please mister, whatever you do don’t tell the little miss what he’s about to tell you. For her sake. But it is important and… Has to do with the child.” The Yellow Dragon had a very unusual serious look to his face.

“… With their kid? What the hell…” Hak narrowed his eyes, but then stepped outside to find the Green Dragon leaning against the building. “So what is it?”

“Not here, I want to make sure we’re alone and no one is listening.” Jae-ha said rather seriously, taking a stroll a bit away until they made a bit of distance to the trees surrounding the village. “This should do. I’d rather not have any eavesdroppers that could listen in.”

“If you wanted to lure me away to kill me just know I won’t go down without a fight, and if this is about me not wanting to throw my life away in a fight protecting Yona because I have nothing left I’m not suicidal, moron.” Hak joked, cracking his knuckles together. “Also if it’s a sick invite to join you and Yona in a threesome, the answer is hell no.”

“WOW, you really thought of every scenario I could be meaning to talk to you about, didn’t you Hak?” Jae-ha found himself laughing at that, rubbing his chin. “Though damn I didn’t think of that last one, but it might be hard to talk Yona dear into something that kinky…” he grinned, noticing the Thunder Beast glare at him he shook his head. “But really, me try to kill you? I never knew you had such terrible impressions of me Hak, you’re like a little brother to me.”

“With you? Who the hell knows maybe that’s why you keep irritating me about the princess thinking I might try to steal her away from you or something.” Hak grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

Jae-ha chuckled at that one. “Oh Hak, you couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact I’d be happy if you did steal her away.”

Hak blinked a few times. “…. Ok now you’re just bullshitting me.”

“Am I though?” the Ryokuryuu asked with a sly grin, leaning up against one of the trees.

“Alright enough with the games, Zeno said it has something to do with your kid, so speak up already.” Hak growled. “Those guys have been acting awfully weird lately whenever the kid is brought up, I know they keep denying it but there’s something they know and won’t fess up already. If you’re keeping something from Yona that could threaten her life I’m going to beat you to a pulp here and now!”

“Calm down Hak, Yona’s life is not in danger.” Jae-ha held up his hands defensively. “She’s not the one they’re worried about when our child is brought up…” his eyes strayed to the side.

“…. The hell does that mean?” Hak balled his hand into a fist, he was getting tired of the Green Dragon dancing around the subject. “Out with it already.”

“Hak, haven’t you ever wondered what happens when a dragon is born?” Jae-ha started off, leaning casually against the tree as he crossed his arms over his chest. “I mean we don’t know for sure if Yona dear is carrying the next Ryokuryuu, but the chances are extremely high. That little power display back in Xing I have a feeling wasn’t just our powers alone, Zeno and I agree it might have activated due to the child inside her, but we have no way of confirming it until the baby is born.” He sighed as he continued. “But anyway, haven’t you ever wondered what happens to the previous dragon when the new one comes along? I mean you don't exactly see two of the same dragon at the same time, right? You didn't see anyone else with dragon powers when you went to Kija and Shin-ah's villages, did you?”

Hak’s eyebrows creased at that. “… So what, are you trying to tell me if your kid has the dragon’s leg you’re going to suddenly become useless? Does the power just suddenly go away and go to the next generation?” he asked.

Jae-ha snorted a laugh. “… If only it were that easy… But see the dragon’s powers are tied to our lifespans so once these powers wither up I won’t be a nuisance for you anymore…”

Hak’s eyes widened at that, he took a step closer to the Ryokuryuu. “… No… You’re kidding…” he gasped, then realized the Green Dragon wasn’t joking with that serious face he gave him. “So you’re dying?” he choked. “So that’s what this has been all about?! You’re going to leave Yona?!?” he punched the nearby tree, causing it to crack. “You fucking bastard! How could you do this to her-“

“I don’t have a choice here, Hak.” Jae-ha interrupted him, looking at him sternly. “Be it my child or some other kid from the Ryokuryuu Village, a new Green Dragon WILL be born eventually. And when that happens my time is up, that’s just how it is. You think I’m thrilled with the idea of leaving Yona a young widow? Of course not, it’s why I’ve been trying to push her towards you all this time and get you to act on your feelings for her!” he grumbled and ran his fingers through his emerald hair. “I never dreamed she would have fallen for me instead, I was perfectly fine with stepping back and keeping it one sided and never letting her know of my affection, but she dragged it out of me that night in Sensui. After all, isn’t that how you felt back when she was in love with Soo-won? As long as she was happy that’s all that mattered, right?”

Hak gulped at that one, dammit he saw right through him. “… Still, you moron… You let her get this close to you only to hurt her in the end when you die.”

“Unlike you I couldn’t resist her charm forever Hak, that’s just against my code of honor as a gentleman.” Jae-ha chuckled, shrugging his shoulders. “She loved me and you sure weren’t winning any points in her heart with how you hid your feelings so I gave in. I never expected her to conceive so easily but I guess that’s my punishment for giving into my desires, as I said a new dragon would be born sooner or later and actually I’m glad it’s Yona and my child.”

“… Are you insane?” Hak looked at him bewildered. “You’re talking about the very thing that’s going to kill you, and you’re telling me you’re HAPPY that it’s your own kid?!”

“My village was hell on earth, Hak.” Jae-ha said with a rather dark look to him as he spoke of this. “I swore that I’d never allow another Ryokuryuu to go through what I did. I had every intention of breaking in there the minute I'd feel the next one being born and stealing it away, then giving it to someone I could trust to raise the kid properly. Probably Captain Gigan, she’d know what to do.” He chuckled then. “So this way if it’s Yona’s kid, I know the next Ryokuryuu will be in good hands and I can rest easy. Besides Hak, I’m not going to die right away, it takes time for the powers to slowly transfer to the new dragon.”

Hak stepped a bit closer to the Green Dragon, his eyes narrowed. “… How long?”

“Most dragons live 3-4 years after the new one is born.” Jae-ha explained, then held up a hand to let Hak know he had more to say. “But we Ryokuryuus are stubborn you see. My predecessor lived until I was 12, and I’m far more stubborn and handsome than he was, so I plan to break his record. Besides, no other dragon has had a new one born while they are serving the Crimson Dragon, so my odds of living longer are pretty high actually.”

“…. Still, to keep this from Yona…” Hak growled, balling his fists again.

“And if you were dying would YOU tell Yona?” Jae-ha narrowed his eyes at him. “No, you wouldn’t. Especially right now that she’s pregnant and very delicate. Also as I said, we don’t know for certain that my child is going to be the next Ryokuryuu, so why should I worry her about this when it might not even come to pass anyway?” he placed a hand on the Thunder Beast’s shoulder. “I’ll tell her after the baby is born, I promise. But I want her to at least have a little time with the kid before she starts blaming herself saying that her love is killing me and all that. And you know just as well as I do she’ll do that.”

“Alright you’ve got me there…” Hak grumbled, looking to the side. “I still should break you in half for doing this to her, you’re going to hurt her so much when you…”

“Yes and that’s the favor I need to ask of you, Hak.” Jae-ha said with a smile. “While I’m confident I should last a good enough time to see my kid grow up… I can’t ignore the fact that we have no idea when my fate will happen. It could be 15 years, it could be 5 years. So that’s why I want to ask you…. When I’m gone, let Yona fall in love with you.” The Ryokuryuu said, looking straight into his eyes. “There’s no one else I can ask this of, and you love her as much as I do.”

“………….” Hak was stunned speechless, his eyes wide and his mouth agape. So many emotions going through his mind right now… Anger, rage, sorrow, depression, more anger… He then grabbed the Green Dragon’s shoulders and shoved him hard against the tree. “… ARE YOU COMPLETELY INSANE?!?” he shouted.

“Well, they do say love makes you do crazy things.” Jae-ha joked, not minding the pain one bit.

“You’re nuts! You’re fucking crazy!” Hak shouted, smacking him several times against the tree. “You’re seriously asking me to go after your wife as soon as your body is barely cold?!? What kind of sick moron are you?!”

Jae-ha let his smile drop, grabbing the Thunder Beast’s shoulders in response. “… Yona’s far too young to be left a beautiful widow and alone the rest of her life. Hak, you can grow old with her, provided you don’t throw yourself in front of a blade to protect her, I don’t have that option.” He explained. “I’d ask Kija or Shin-ah, but the cycle would repeat itself as soon as the next Hakuryuu and Seiryuu are born… And it isn’t like Zeno or Yoon really look at her that way… So no, it HAS to be you.”

Hak didn’t seem to know what to say, he merely released the Ryokuryuu from his grip and backed up a bit, shaking as he didn’t know how to process all this. “…. Yona doesn’t love me that way and you know it. And shit, I had a feeling White Snake had a crush on her but Shin-ah too? Ugh…”

Jae-ha chuckled at that. “Can you blame us? Yona’s just far too loveable and easy to fall in love with. Save your jealousy for me Hak-kins, I'm the only one that acted on it.” He then pat the Thunder Beast on the back. “Don’t you know Hak that love on the rebound is the easiest kind to achieve? Yona dear will be lonely when I’m gone and you can be there to pick up the pieces of her heart, and maybe then she’ll finally see you are more than just a big brother.” He sighed, taking a more serious tone. “… Hak really, you’re the only person I can ask this of. I dread the thought of leaving Yona so soon but I’m done with running away from my fate, I’ve been running ever since I fled my village and it’s about time I just face it.”

Hak still looked at him like he was crazy. “…. I still can’t believe you. You’re a walking dead man and you're more concerned with telling me to go after YOUR wife when you're gone? What kind of fucked up pervert are you?!”

“Would you rather I ask you to join that threesome after all?” Jae-ha joked with a perverted grin. “I wouldn’t mind sharing Yona-chan once in a while with-“ Hak punched him right in the face for that one.

“You… You… You fucking idiot!!” Hak growled as he watched the Green Dragon wipe the blood off his nose with a cloth from the punch. “So this is why you won’t let me get over her and keep up your stupid teasing! You DON’T want me to give up on her! So I’m just supposed to pick up your leftovers or some shit?!”

“Oh come on Hak, we both know you’ll never get over Yona.” Jae-ha chuckled, shaking his head. “I just don’t want you to feel guilty when I’m gone and STILL not make a decent move on her when the opportunity will basically be handed to you on a silver platter.” He then smiled. “Besides, I know you’ll take care of her and my kid, that’s all I want. And you won’t have me around anymore to make your life miserable, you should be happy knowing you only have to deal with me for a few more-“ he was stunned speechless when the Thunder Beast suddenly hugged him.

“…. I don’t want you to die, Jae-ha.” Hak growled, saying his name for once to stress how serious this was. “Sure I think the princess made a HUGE mistake falling in love with you, but you’ve made her happier than I’ve ever seen her in her life. You understand her on a level I feel like I never could, and you were able to win over her heart when all I ever could do was just sit back and watch, hoping she’ll at least be happy. You’re an asshole, a pervert, an egotistical bastard and you drive me fucking insane sometimes, but you and all those dragons along with Yoon are like family now.” He then released the dragon, and punched him one more time in the gut. “Which is all the more reason I’m pissed as hell at you that you’re going to hurt her even worse than I ever imagined when you drop dead suddenly!”

“Oooowww…” Jae-ha winched, holding his stomach as he smirked at him. “I actually expected more punches from you Hak, you’re holding back.”

“If I beat you too much your wife is going to notice and bitch at me for abusing you.” Hak growled, cracking his knuckles again. “But then maybe I’ll just end up telling her what you’re hiding and-“

“No, don't you dare tell Yona about this, not yet.” Jae-ha replied with a stern look. “Not in her current condition. I told you I’d tell her eventually and I will.” He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “… Trust me it’s not a conversation I look forward to.”

Hak just groaned and held his head, still trying to get a grip on things. “… I never thought I’d meet anyone that could love her as much as I do, leave it to you of all people to prove me wrong.”

“Well if you ever need a few lessons on how to properly court a girl I could help Hak.” Jae-ha offered with a grin, placing a hand on his shoulder. “But I must say I’m touched to hear you say you don’t want me to die, and here I thought you said you didn’t care what happens to me?”

“Shut up.” The Thunder Beast hissed at him. “… For Yona’s sake, you better fucking live as long and stubbornly as you can, got it? Or else I’m going to be heavily disappointed in you.”

“Well now I can’t have that can I? I have a reputation to keep.” Jae-ha chuckled, wrapping an arm around him. “I know I can count on you for this Hak.”

“I haven’t said I will just yet, moron.” Hak growled, glaring daggers at him. “I’ll protect Yona of course, I always have and always will… And I’ll watch out for your kid too, after all it’s her child as well. As for the other thing…” he looked away, feeling a twist in his gut just trying to even think about it. “… I… I don’t make any promises, but I’ll try to make sure she doesn’t stay gloomy over your ass.”

“I couldn’t ask for anything more Hak.” Jae-ha said with a chuckle. “There’s no reason Yona should pine over me the rest of her life, it’s why I want to live every moment with her to the fullest, so that she has plenty of happy memories to look back on.” He then pat his back and started walking back towards the village. “Now all this serious talk is so unlike me, so how about we go have a drink or so? I really hate dwelling on the inevitable and much rather get back to adoring my lovely wife once she returns.”

“… Geez you never change, even with a subject this serious...” Hak grumbled and shook his head. “Guess I’ll have to find a new drinking partner when you’re gone, White Snake can’t hold his liquor for shit.”

“Maybe Zeno then? We both know he can’t get drunk.” Jae-ha shrugged. “Or you could try Shin-ah if he gets a bit better at it.”

“I just can’t get over how calm you are about this whole thing…” Hak pressed, following him. “We’re talking about you DYING, that doesn’t bother you? Only the part about leaving the princess seems to be the thing bugging you most.”

“I’ve known about this my whole life Hak, it’s why I value my freedom and living my life the way I choose to so much. We dragons know we have short life spans as we watch our predecessors wither away before us.” Jae-ha explained. “It’s just hard for you to understand because you only just found out. As for Yona, of course that’s the thing that bothers me most. But that’s been on my mind for a while too how I can’t grow old with her, as badly as I’d love to. I envy you there Hak.”

“…. So Kija and Shin-ah eventually will…” Hak felt another twist in his stomach just thinking about it. “… Does Yoon know about this?”

Jae-ha sighed as he stopped walking and turned to face the Thunder Beast. “Yeah, it’s why they’ve been giving me those gloomy looks lately knowing what my fate is. Zeno’s been a bit better at hiding it but he knows as well, after all he’s outlived all the dragons. Poor Yoon walked in on us discussing it once so that’s why he knows.”

“And there’s really no way to tell for sure if your kid is the next Green Dragon yet?” Hak pressed.

Jae-ha shook his head. “I’ll feel it when the next Ryokuryuu is born, so will the others. I actually felt it when I was a kid back when Kija and Shin-ah were born, the dragon’s blood calls out to us that way. But until then all we can do is watch and wait.”

“… You’ve come a long way from the filthy perverted pirate that didn’t want to become our comrade.” Hak couldn’t help but smirk slightly, placing a hand on his hip as he walked.

“I was told from the time I was born that I had to serve the Crimson Dragon and give my life to him, I wanted nothing to do with a life of slavery like that so I ran as fast as my leg could take me, swearing that I wouldn’t let fate decide my life for me and nothing could change my mind, gods be damned.” Jae-ha chuckled at that. “Leave it to Yona to get out the golden chain and drag me back down to the ground. For the longest time I blamed my feelings for her on the dragon’s blood, it’s all the more reason I kept trying to push her in your direction. But as time went on I just…. Stopped caring if it was the dragon’s blood or not. I just wanted to be by her side and see her smiling face.” He smiled warmly, looking a bit dreamy thinking about his wife. “When I finally just gave into my feelings and she returned them so fiercely, I knew I made the right choice. I would have regretted never telling her and never feeling her love like this. In the end it’s worth it, no matter how short it’ll be. The only thing I regret is how painful it’ll be for her once I’m gone...”

“Jae-ha…” Hak seemed at a loss for words, seeing as they were approaching back to the village he didn’t press it further, especially when he spotted the princess coming up towards them.

“What are you two doing out here? I hope you’re not fighting again, husband.” Yona said with a huff once she approached them, stressing the last word as she did when she was being serious with the Green Dragon.

Jae-ha chuckled as he turned towards his wife, petting her on the head. “Of course not Yona my darling wife, Hak was just showing me around his hometown that’s all.”

“Is that why you two just came from the direction of the forest?” Yoon asked, his eyebrow raised in suspicion.

Shin-ah just stood silently behind Yona, Ao perched on his shoulder eating a nut.

“Where’s the old man?” Hak asked, trying to change the subject.

“Mundok went back already, I saw you two here and wanted to find out what was going on.” Yona explained, twisting her mouth. “You two were already fighting before we got here, so I hope things didn’t get worse.”

Jae-ha just winked at Hak. “Oh you know me, Yona dearest. I merely make a joke about wanting to see the beauties he spoke of here and he’s already suspicious of me.” He leaned in and kissed Yona’s cheek. “As if I’d ever betray your lovely trust in me, no one can compare to you.”

Hak twisted his mouth with a grumble, but decided to go with it, for Yona after all. “He was busy taunting me that I need to hurry up and find a wife of my own, I told him to mind his own damn business.” He waved a hand carelessly.

Jae-ha smirked at that, glad the Thunder Beast was going along. “Oh but Hak you’ve seen how married life inspires me, I just want you to have a chance at this happiness as well.” He wrapped his arms around Yona from behind, pulling her close. “After all, Yona-chan here doesn’t want to see you pining over her forever.”

“Don’t push it Droopy Eyes…” Hak grumbled slightly.

Yona blushed slightly as she leaned into her husband’s embrace. “Well t-that’s true Hak, I mean if you ever found someone you shouldn’t spend your life alone…” she looked to the side slightly, still feeling awkward knowing how the Lightning Beast felt about her now. “I want you to be happy too, just like I am with Jae-ha.” She smiled.

Jae-ha smirked at that one. “Yes Hak that's true, spending your life alone is a terrible thing, isn't it?”

Hak’s eyebrow twitched at that. “You…”

“So what did the healer say Yona love?” Jae-ha asked, quickly changing the subject as he caressed her swollen belly.

“That she’s been pushing herself too much and needs to take a rest, like I’ve been saying!” Yoon snapped, folding his arms over his chest. “But the doctor also agreed with my estimate on her delivery. Actually I want to compare some things with a few of the midwives tomorrow, I mean I know a few things about how to deliver a child but it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few more.”

“That’s our Mother Yoon, are you worried you’ll have to deliver Yona dear’s next child?” Jae-ha couldn’t help but tease, making the princess blush even worse.

“J-Jae-ha!” she protested.

“What my lovely?” the Green Dragon chuckled and kissed her cheek. “With how easily you became pregnant the first time it’s only natural to assume it could happen again.”

“Knowing you, it’ll be a miracle if she doesn’t end up with one kid after another…” Hak grumbled slightly, rolling his eyes. He really couldn’t get it how the Ryokuryuu could joke so easily after telling him something so serious.

“Anyway I’m starving so let’s get inside!” Yona said, pulling herself from her husband and heading towards Mundok’s place.

“Yona what did I tell you about running?!” Yoon growled, chasing after the princess.

Hak waited until Yona was clearly out of earshot to turn to Jae-ha with a scowl on his face. “… Seriously? If this first kid isn’t your death sentence you really shouldn’t gamble with fate by having a second kid you know.” He hissed rather low. “I swear, sometimes you really act like you have a death wish or something.”

Shin-ah looked between the two men, then turned to the Green Dragon. “… You told him…?” he asked.

Jae-ha chuckled at Hak’s response but chose to answer the Seiryuu first. “Yes, I felt it was about time we let him in on our little secret.” He then turned to the Lightning Beast. “And I told you Hak that it doesn’t matter if it’s my kid or one from my village, the next Ryokuryuu will be born eventually. Besides the more children I can leave behind with Yona dear the more she’ll have to remember me by and not be so lonely.” He shrugged his shoulders. “After all I can’t help myself with my beautiful wife, you really think I could resist getting her pregnant again?”

“Pervert.” Hak scoffed. “You just keep giving more reasons you need to live longer with her, moron.”

“I never said I was going to go down without a fight, Hak. If you thought that, then I’m heavily disappointed in you.” Jae-ha said with a smirk. “I only said I’m not running from my fate, I know it will happen but I intend to live as long as possible with Yona.”

“You sure sounded like you were giving up when you asked me to….” Hak’s words trailed off, he didn’t dare say it.

“Now, now, Hak. As I said I can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that it can happen, not that I plan on letting it happen.” Jae-ha waved a finger tauntingly in front of his face. “I’ve told you what’s going on so that you’re no longer in the dark, and now it’s up to you if you honor my request. Just know that all I want is for Yona to be safe and happy when I’m not here anymore. Now if you’ll excuse me, my wife is waiting for me naturally.” He then turned on his heel and headed towards where the princess and boy genius went, showing he was done with the conversation.

“… Shin-ah, how long did the last Seiryuu live?” Hak asked after a moment.

Shin-ah paused for a moment, petting his squirrel before answering. “… I think I was… Four… When Ao died.”

Hak clenched his fists at that. “… Will any of you know when he’s about to…?”

“He’ll grow weak at first… But once his power is gone… He…” Shin-ah didn’t seem to want to finish. “… But… Jae-ha said he plans to live as long as possible… For Yona.”

“If you ever know when that’s going to happen to you Shin-ah, or if you know Kija is about to…. Tell me, please.” Hak said, looking right at the Blue Dragon even though he had his mask on. “… Because it’s going to kill Yona to lose you guys one after the other…. Especially if it starts with Jae-ha…”

Shin-ah merely nodded. “It would hurt her to lose you too.” He said after a moment. “We’re all… Family.”

Hak slightly smiled at that, patting the Seiryuu on the shoulder. “… Yeah, I guess we are. So let’s keep an eye on that stupid big brother of ours and make sure he lives as long as possible with the princess.” He then started to walk with the Blue Dragon back towards Mundok’s place. Jae-ha’s words were still ringing in his head as they walked and his request. ‘… Could I really do that though? Make a move on the princess right after she loses her husband? … It just feels so… Wrong. Dammit, why does this have to be so complicated? And why does it seem that Yona’s suffering and heartache is never going to end?’
When a Dragon is Born Chapter 2

Chapter 2: A Talk With the Thunder Beast

Previous Chapter:…

Jae-ha takes Hak to the side to have a talk. "Tell me Hak, have you ever wondered what happens when a dragon is born?"
Spoiler for Chapter 146 of the manga in this chapter because already I plan to AU that chapter eventually since during that time Yona would be pregnant in this series lol Just I want wait for a few more chapters of the manga to come out and lump them together into a single one shot like I did with 'The Secret's Out'

I feel after the Xing Arc Hak has proven he cares about the dragons by this point, they are as much a family to him as they are to Yona, so as much as Jae-ha irritates the hell out of him and there are times he wants to break his spine, he doesn't want the Green Dragon to die, especially for what it'll do to Yona >< I couldn't help but have Jae-ha keep swapping between serious and his usually carefree attitude, joking the whole time, I so felt that suit him. Also I can't help but picture Yona firmly calling Jae-ha 'Husband' to make it clear she's being serious, taunting or angry at him XD

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